Climate Activist Hypocrites Hurt Environment by Using Super Glue

I use some examples of these “climate activists” using Super Glue as part of their “statement.” Here are as few examples:

  • The Just Stop Oil campaign said 35 of its members blocked roads near Trafalgar Square on Thursday afternoon by sitting down with banners and gluing themselves to the road. (LONDON WORLD)
  • Activists Glue Themselves To Capitol Hill Sites To Urge Climate Action (AXIOS)

Climate Activists Defile Van Gogh’s Sunflowers at the National Gallery

Climate Change Cultists Latest Eco-Terrorist Act: Mashed Potatoes Tossed on $110 Million Monet

See other examples:

SKY NEWS AUSTRALIA notes the hypocrisy:

Here is the hypocrisy of the matter via THE SUN:

….Superglue used by the eco mob could even be HARMING the environment by pumping a huge amount of toxic greenhouse gasses into the air during production and rendering anything it touches un-recyclable.

The main ingredient in most of the super-strength adhesives is cyanoacrylates, a group of harsh, sticky chemicals.

Green-expert Rachel Watkyns, who has 14-years of experience crafting environmentally friendly packaging – including eco-friendly adhesive – branded superglue “just not eco-friendly”.

Rachel, who starred in a 2007 episode of Dragons’ Den, winning investment from Theo Paphetis and Peter Jones, said: “The main problem with superglue is the actual process when it’s made.

“In the first stage of reaction to making it, toxic chemicals are by-products – one of them is cyanide.”


Rachel, 50, added that depending on how the by-products are disposed of, the toxic chemicals could end up in Brits’ water supplies.

She said trying to get hold of information on how they are are disposed of is “probably nigh-on impossible”.

“But it’s not just the by-product, it’s the greenhouse gasses emitted in the production of it,” she said.

The businesswoman, owner of eco-packaging firm Tinybox, explained: “It’s like most things where you know it’s not environmentally friendly, the data is kept so private.”

She explained another of the chemicals released, formaldehyde, has been shown to make animals sick and reduce their life-span.

Rachel also said because the glue is an acrylic resin anything it touches can’t be recycled.

She insisted: “The fact activists are using superglue, it’s just not an ideal scenario.”……

Volkswagen let this activist stew…. in his pants:

It “all went bad” after protesters glued themselves to the floor at Volkswagen in Germany, according to Sky News host Cory Bernardi. “All the rage in the green world today is actually getting one of those pesky fossil fuel-based glues and sticking yourself to something as a form of protest, but what happens when that goes wrong?” Mr Bernardi said.

These activists discover French Police don’t use solvent to un-stick hands from pavement:

Simpson’s Prediction

(12-years ago) “We are here to come up with the next phony-baloney crisis to put Americans back where they belong – in dark rooms, glued to their televisions, too terrified to skip the commercials”