Cenk Uygur Tries to School Larry Elder, FAILED Miserably

I Recently interviewed with Cenk Uygur, the popular Leftwing host and founder of the Young Turks online telecast. He has 4.5 million subscribers. That’s a lot. He’s a pretty big deal in the left wing stratosphere.


Who disagreed about everything. He, of course, called Donald Trump, a racist, and in particular, he was outraged that Trump talked about the guilt of the Central Park Five.

These are the black teenagers found guilty of the 1989 rape attack of the central park jogger.

It is true that the Central Park five were later exonerated, but they were still guilty. That, of course, is not how Mr. Uyghur sees it:

There was a movie about the five that purported to show they were innocent, that the confessions were involuntarily given, that they were deprived of food, water, and access to their parents.

All untrue. Also, there was a Ken Burns documentary that made the same argument. Again, untrue. Neither Ava Duvernay, who made the movie nor Ken Burns, who made the documentary interviewed the lead detective in the case, a man named, Eric Reynolds, who happens to be black. But I interviewed him and did an Epoch Times video about the case:

This is not the first time that Hollywood has been conned by the criminally culpable. Hollywood did a movie called hurricane “about a man allegedly falsely accused of a triple homicide.

Except Rubin  “hurricane” Carter wasn’t falsely accused. He killed three people. He starred Denzel, Washington, and years ago. I discuss this on my radio show.

One of the characters in the movie actually called the show, and was very angry. I told him to go to a website called graphic witness.com/Carter and then call me back the next day. To his credit, he did, and was apologetic and embarrassed at the amount of evidence that suggested Ruben hurricane Carter actually killed Three people.

There were eyewitnesses, physical evidence physical testimony, the man failed polygraph, was convicted by two different juries, the latter had two black members, even though the movie claimed that both juries were all white. Apart from that…What’s that old line? When the story becomes a myth, and the myth becomes a legend, print the legend.