Can I Say, I Love the New Media ~ A `Republican Women` In Obama Ad Anything But (original story linked in graphic)

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Via Drudge, the inevitable finish for an ad for a President whose track record on vetting and research has been all too vividly featured in our Obamateurism series.  Earlier this week, Team Obama stepped up its War On Wimminses strategy with this ad, featuring women who identify as Republican but  who intend to vote for Barack Obama in 2012….

….It’s certainly possible that Ms. Ciano had at one time been Republican.  Her conversion to Democrat had nothing to do with Mitt Romney, or even Barack Obama, however.  And it’s difficult to ascertain exactly what about Romney would have driven the rest of them off, either.  One woman cites Romney’s desire to see Roe overturned, as if she’s never heard that argument in the four decades that Republicans have been making it.  George W. Bush made it just as much of an issue when running for President, if not more; every Republican nominee for President since Reagan has taken that position, as have most of the candidates who failed to get the nomination.  This must be one of the most low-information groups of voters ever featured in a national campaign.

It’s easy to understand why Team Obama wants to run a Republican Women for Obama ad.  Is it too much to ask that they check first to see if the women are actually Republican first?

Update: John Hinderaker delves a little deeper:

Her Facebook page is here; some of her friends congratulate her on appearing in the Obama ad. In addition to the fact that she is a registered Democrat, check out her Facebook “likes.” They make it obvious that Ms. Ciano is a devoted Democrat and a left-wing activist. Here are some of her “likes,” beginning with the earliest in time:

* Democracy For America
* Tar Sands Action
* Amy Goodman
* Barack Obama
* Being Liberal
* Bernie Sanders Tells You A Secret the GOP Would Rather You Didn’t Know
* Miss Piggy Delivers the Best Takedown of Fox News We’ve Seen All Month
* Think Progress
* The Best Quote From Barack Obama We’ve Seen This Week
* Dow and Monsanto Join Forces to Poison America’s Heartland
* Climate Reality
* The Amazing Victory Scored With Obama That More People Should Be Talking About
* The Sierra Club
* The Buffett Rule
* Obama For America–Colorado
* Denver Young Democrats
* Obamacare
* Latinos For Obama
* Michelle Obama
* Veterans For Obama
* I Love It When I Wake Up In the Morning and Obama Is President
* Obama Truth Team
* Democratic Party

Yeah, I know a lot of Republicans who like to join MoveOn, Think Progress, and Climate Reality (and who listen to avowed socialist Bernie Sanders).  Seriously — did Team Obama think that no one would look at Ciano’s Facebook page?

Update II: At the same link, John says another of the women — Ms. Ciano’s mother — appears to be an unlikely Republican. He’s working on checking out the rest on Facebook.

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Gateway points out that Mrs. Ciano’s mother is in the ad (above):

Delia is a big Rachel Maddow fan.

Another dishonest lib.
And that’s just two of the five women in the ad.
We’re still investigating the other three.

This is just more proof that the Obama Campaign will do anything, including lying, to win this election.