Ben Shapiro | Larry Elder

I was looking for this video (posted first below), but came across the interview with Ben Shapiro, thought it was worth posting (obviously). The original search was meant to post the video where Media Matters got a headline to make it’s supporters happy, but thast was divorced from reality: “Fox & Friends Guest [Larry Elder]: Black Families Were Better Off As Slaves” >> (You can watch the identical video at MEDIA MATTERS):

Larry is masterful. Fox and Friends should know that about one or two questions is all they will be able to ask this machine!

RELATED: Larry Elder rips Media Matters for ‘fake headline’ on slavery comments: ‘I said no such thing!’ (WASHINGTON TIMES)

Here is the MORE IMPORTANT interview. “Larry Elder, radio host, commentator, and author of ‘Dear Father, Dear Son’ joins Ben to discuss race relations, politics, and the how Donald Trump has handled the presidency in his first two years.”