Be “Cautiously Optimistic” About These Vaccines

Remember, I am not saying “DON’T TAKE IT,” I am saying “be cautiously optimistic.” Me? I will wait a while.

I also think (other than the points made by the doc) that the very few subjects that got Covid-19 is no way to say something is 95% effective…

  • Ninety-five people in the study developed Covid-19 with symptoms; of those, 90 had received a placebo and only five Moderna’s vaccine. The findings, from a 30,000-subject trial that is still under way, move the vaccine closer to wide use, because they indicate it is effective at preventing disease that causes symptoms, including severe cases…. (WALL STREET JOURNAL)

The only way you could reeaally say 95% effective rate is to have [for example] 200 people, 100 of them got the real vaccine, the other 100 the placebo. All 200 were exposed equally to “The Vid” and then a result is tabulated from that. Other considerations are noted in this newer audio. A caller asks a good question regarding how wide the divide is for the reasoning behind being “optimistically cautious” about the vaccine, and why, man may wait a bit to take it — if at all. Good response to this “dueling reality” by Dr. Victory.