Archie Comics Continues Decline in the Culture War

Ever wonder why Archie has gone down hill soo quickly? Me either… but for those that are interested in the culture war, here is some explanation behind a small corner of it. Here is part of the story via Daily Mail:

The female CEO of Archie Comics, who has been accused of sexual harassment by five employees says she can’t be guilty of the accusations – because her employees are all white men.

Nancy Silberkeit argues in legal filings that the employees who are suing aren’t from a ‘protected class’ of people – and therefore their claims of harassment aren’t legally viable.

Silberkeit is accused of repeatedly shouting ‘Penis!’ at the employees and also referring to them as the male organ instead of their names.

She took over as co-CEO of the Westchester County, New York, comics company – which includes Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica – when her husband, co-founder Louis Silberkeit, died in 2008.

She has been locked in a long-running legal battle over control of the company ever since – with employees accusing her of being mentally unstable and running the comic company into the ground.

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Moonbattery notes that she [Nancy Silberkeit] will indiscriminately yell “penis” at her co-workers:

Silberkeit is accused of repeatedly shouting ‘Penis!’ at the employees and also referring to them as the male organ instead of their names.

If you remember, just a couple years ago there was a wedding in the comic, and it was a same-sex wedding… so you can tell a few things from the articles above. She is a) mentally ill; b) a raging liberal; and as such, c) swallowed the whole feminism thing about men being beneath women… like these dictionary terms from A Feminist Dictionary, published by the University of Illinois, gives the following definitions:

  • Male: “… represents a variant of or deviation from the category of female. The first males were mutants… the male sex represents a degeneration and deformity of the female.”
  • Man: “… an obsolete life form… an ordinary creature who needs to be watched … a contradictory baby-man.”
  • Testosterone Poisoning: “Until now it has been thought that the level of testosterone in men is normal simply because they have it. But if you consider how abnormal their behavior is, then you are led to the hypothesis that almost all men are suffering from ‘testosterone poisoning.’”

Now, my “a)” may be a double whammy… because those that work around her say she needs psychiatric help… but also, she is a screaming liberal. Why is this a “double-whammy”? Because, according to M.D., Lyle Rossiter, liberalism is a mental disorder. Or so he says in his book, The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.

At any rate, comic sales will decrease over time as they become more political, something Moonbat points out in the article:

Archie and friends aren’t the only ones being driven to extinction by lunatic moonbats. DC comics has been pushing a “transwoman” lesbian Batgirl and homosexual Mexican superhero named Bunker.

Marvel introduced its own homosexual superhero Thom Creed as well as a Muslim Ms. Marvel, and has even gone so far as to shill for Barack Hussein Obama and the odious United Nations.