A Coptic Christian Pleas With New Yorkers-Points Out They Kill Christians and Jews in Muslim Countries

An angle — a truth actually — I hadn’t thought of. Before building a Mosque in order to introduce Islam to the American people in a new fresh way (propaganda)… why not stop killings Christians in Muslim nations first. Thus introducing a new and fresh way (action) of introducing Islam not just to Americans, but the world at large. Of course they should go beyond just my faith, Christianity, and stop killing Hindus, Sikhs, Arabs/Muslims, Jews, atheists, homosexuals, and the like. Then after they attack their own phobias, then we can deal with Americas “Islamophobia.”

Warning: Graphic image at the 1:50 mark (or so).

From Libertarian Republican:

Stop the Killing of Coptic Christians in Muslim Coutries

Joseph Nasralla, a Coptic Christian from Egpyt:

“I know the truth because I am from Egypt. They came and conquered our country. It’s the same way they intend to conquer America. I need to say something. Believe me… if they build this Mosque here, in 10 years, it will be too late. They will have Islamisized this country. It will be too late!”

Here is a great site, however, you need to have Google translate it: