`The Danger of Symbolic Actions` ~ Fox`s The Five Retaliates Against Gawker (as do I)

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(Via Media’ite) Fox’s “The Five” retaliates against Gawker’s making public the addresses of all gun owners in NY by giving out the phone number of Gawkers founder, Nick Denton, which is (for now):

What would be nice is for someone to post online his home address. Greg Gutfeld makes the point that Gawker writes positively about pedophilia, but negatively about legal gun-owners. (Pedophilia is one of the traumas in children’s lives that drive many to homosexuality, and many in the community want to normalize this somewhat in order to validate their not dealing with this traumatic event in their lives. This, they feel, normalizes them into culture, or is some form of validation)

I will continue to post information here on this topic (addresses and haunts Nick Denton and friends like to hang at), including on Nick’s boyfriend, Derrence Washington. His FaceBook is found here for those wishing to see if he will field questions about Nick’s actions: http://www.facebook.com/derrence

Derrence lives in New York:

Again, I will update this post as I find info. I assume these Texas residence are Derrence’s family since he himself is a Houston, Texas native. Here are a few family members Face-Book profiles:

What is interesting is that many of his family members have studied criminal justice, and I would bet own firearms. I feel bad as well for making public these people — many are fellow believers (at least a cursory look would tell me that. As you know, anyone can “say” they are Christian). At any rate, one should keep all the people in New York who are now known by criminals to not own guns, those who are in law enforcement (D.A.’s, policemen and women, judges, special crime units [gang units], and the like) whom criminals know their home addresses… as well as Nick and Derrence’s friends and family in prayer. Pray for their safety and well being. Why do I say that, because any address is easy to find once you have a name and city. I and my family can likewise go for some pleading of the precious blood of the lamb.

Some info on Voncile Washington-Durio, her phone number is 1-832-483-9575 — dial *67 before you dial the number to make your phone or cell phone show up as private. She lives or did live here:

the number, again, Voncile’s phone number can be seen here on a contact list at a kids sport team contact list. She is also a barber who’s barber license number is 08122012. She also performs public notaries for those needing her services:

Voncile Washington Durio is a certified public notary located in Houston, TX Voncile Washington Durio is located at 7206 Frostview Ln. Voncile Washington Durio can be contacted at on FindNotary or by their phone number or email address listed above.

Derrence? Do you have your boyfriend’s ear?

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