(For the Locals) `Gator` in the SCV

That is the corner of Newhall Ranch Rd. and Bouquet Cyn. — the ramp is right where Burger King is now and that is Hughes Family Market (now Vons) in the background.

From video description:

A lot of the kids in the picture are all friends, and it is a photo of Mark “Gator” Rogowski at a demo in Santa Clarita, California. The place that the ramp is on (a dirt lot/corner) is now a Burger King. (Posted by Religio-Political Talk)

Gator confessed to the killing of a young girl. The entire documentary (“Stoked” which the photo is from) is a fascinating journey of the beginnings of skateboarding and the end result of some bad choices by a bi-polar/manic-depressive young man. (Now an middle-aged man serving time in prison.) Similar to that group of up-and-comers, we all have similar stories of people that we knew/know that have wasted their lives and fallen to drugs, alcohol, impulses and the like. However, none of my friends have killed anyone.