Cinco de Mayo Chaos – SJWs (UPDATED)


  • A University of New Hampshire student publicly berated and harassed a peer for wearing a serape on his way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, proudly posting a video of the encounter on Facebook.
  • Danique Montique was most incensed by the fact that the student was a white male, complaining that this gives him “the most privilege in this whole f***ing country.”
  • She also loudly told him that Cinco de Mayo is “not your holiday” and that “you white people” need to find different holidays to celebrate.

More chaos via MOONBATTERY:

When utopia has been achieved, white people will no longer be racist by wearing sombreros and ponchos during lighthearted celebrations (assuming there will be any white people in utopia). In the meantime, at the University of New Hampshire:

[A] student group known as “All Eyes on UNH” has released a set of demands, which includes calls for the “administration and town elected officials” to urge “local stores in Durham to stop carrying items like ponchos and sombreros for May 5 celebrations, and instead seek out alternative sources of revenue.”

The stores must stop selling these products because “cultural appropriation contributes to the growing acceptance of racism and xenophobia.”

Meanwhile, the list of demands also calls for the “creation of a campus-wide committee to prevent similar offenses in future years,” with another demand asking Greek-life leaders to “find other ways to celebrate the end of the academic year.”

I can just picture the committee (to the right)….

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