A Poignant Example of Media Bias In The Israel/Palestinian Conflict

(Above video) Interview via of Col. Richard Kemp (British Forces) and his take on the international commentary on Israel that is most obviously distorted.

This is entirely with thanks to TWITCHY!

Various news outlets are reporting that it was a ‘suspected’ Israeli air strike that killed 10 at the Al Shati refugee camp in Gaza.

Middle East Eye: In pictures: Death and devastation at al-Shati refugee camp

A suspected Israeli strike on a playground in the western Gaza City’s Al-Shati Camp killed 10 children on Monday, though the Israeli army denied culpability –

The Nation: Missile Strike at Al-Shati Refugee Camp Kills 10, Including 8 Children

Ten people were killed in the attack, including eight children, and forty were injured, thirty-two of them children, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry. Israel claimed a misfired militant rocket caused the carnage, but several eyewitnesses blamed the explosion on an airstrike.

The Daily Beast: Israel’s Campaign to Send Gaza Back to the Stone Age

In the emergency room yesterday afternoon, young children writhed in pain on gurneys waiting for scrambling ER doctors to attend to them following an air strike on the Al Shati Refugee camp. Nine of the ten people killed in the attack were children and are many more were wounded.

However, Italian journalist Gabriele Barbati on the ground in Gaza affirms the Israeli claim that the “massacre” at the Al Shati refugee camp was actually caused by a misfired Hamas rocket.

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