WaPo’s Robert McCartney Changes View on Washington Redskins

Until his latest column on the issue, Robert McCartney (who is the Washington Posts senior regional correspondent, covering politics and policy in the greater Washington, D.C.), was very much against the Washington Redskins using said name.

He changed his mind because of the Washington Post’s poll showing 9-out-of-10 Native-Americans don’t care about the controversy. Mind you, this is nothing new poll-wise, and MY question would have been something like this:

➤ “why do you think it is that you have never heard about the majority of American Indians supporting the Redskins Football name and emblem before this?”
➤ “Do you think there may be a disconnect with ‘where’ you receive your news and reality -or- alternate viewpoints closer to the truth than where you currently do?”

Here I am thinking about the now famous quote by elite Manhattanite and New Yorker columnist Pauline Kael after Richard Nixon’s sweeping presidential victory in 1972: “I don’t know how Richard Nixon could have won. I don’t know anybody who voted for him.”

The same thinking applies to Mr. McCartney.

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