WHY? You may ask. Because PhotoBucket does not allow for academics (yes, I consider myself one) to upload historical photos that have anything to do with “bad history.” My first post reads as follows — Which is an email i sent them about this censorship:

First Known Tantric Swastika in Germany On Political Poster from the Thule Society

My reasoning for this with PhotoBucket:

You have removed photos that are historical in nature. I am not racist (I have a black grandmother and grew up in an all black neighborhood in Detroit where ALL my friends were black). The image removed was a picture of the first known Swastika known of in Germany posted by an occult group in Germany, the Thule Society. Hitler and his racist/occultic cohorts were part of or affiliated with this occult group and were heavily influenced by this cult being themselves heavily influenced by the Theosophical Society of Madam Blavatsky (where the “great white brotherhood” doctrine and the term “aryan” came from). This is a historical poster that depicts this first known swastika in Germany in 1917. You obviously have someone there at photobucket who is reacting to this in an unknowledgeable manner.

Also, another picture removed is one showing how evolutionary theory depicts black persons. There was a black man displayed in the NY Zoo in the early 1900’s and many Australian Aborigines lost their lives and had their graves dug up in the name of science. They were considered missing links in lieu of the Darwinian narrative. Again, I am not racist, I am merely showing how secular scientific ideas promulgate racist tendencies. I believe the Biblical narrative that we are all from one man and woman (genesis), and as Acts 17:26 says we are all from one blood. However, neo-Darwinian thinking (before the mitochondrial DNA studies which support the Genesis understanding of lineage) said that humans are evolved from three separate lineages: the Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. This drove the racial view that Harvard professor Stephen J. Gould mentioned drove racist ideals:

“Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1850, but they have increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory” (Stephen Jay Gould, Ontogeny and Phylogeny, [Harvard Press; 1977] p.p. 127-128).

This photo that was taken down was in reference to these early Darwinian understandings (and thus are historical) of race and race relations. Which I AGREE ARE HORRIBLE! I expect these to be replaced and someone — if they are to take other photos like these down in the future consider my racial heritage, my theological outlook, and my historical understanding and stance on these issue. If someone mistakenly complains about these photos not know my background, degrees, and the like, you should not simply take them down out of reaction to an un-educated complaint.

I then asked this in a seperate email:

Does PhotoBucket recommend another site that allows academics to upload their images? Because what you are saying is that academics are not welcome here. Also, you are painting Hinduism as images that abuse your policy (Beheading):


I expect this to be taken down as well, as they are Swastikas:


Your policy, with which you judged my photos is backfiring a bit? Wouldn’t you agree. This next photo is very offensive and possibly even worn by a German who personally gassed Jews (Third Reich medal):


According to your reasoning, all these have to be taken down.

So here is my first post that will always remain here to remind people of the lunacy of Political Correctness.

What you have here is the first known example of a Swastika in Germany. It is a political poster from 1919 published by the Thule Society. The Thule Society was an occultic group with ties to Hitler and others that I have mentioned herein. Their belief structure is similar to the New Age movement of today.

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