Dr. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp ~ Luby’s Restaurant Massacre

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In one of the most powerful interviews of the Documentary “Michael & Me,” Dr. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp (also seen here in testimony before Congress – 1991) talks intimately about her experience inside of Luby’s Restaurant. (Posted by: Religio-Political Talk) In a comment on my blogs Facebook, I mention this experience as a stark reminder of where we SHOULD be focusing our attention:


At any rate, I am not against making 20-round mags the legal option, but, as you can visually see even this is no deterrent to a man wanting to kill. This guy in Sandy Hook shot himself when first responders [with guns] where coming into a gun free zone — no firefight. The guy in the Clackamus Mall shot himself when he saw a citizen with a gun in a gun free zone — no firefight. The theater shooter had seven movie theaters within a twenty minute car-ride from his apartment, he didn’t go to the largest one, or the closest one, he went to the only one that banned guns (RPT).

Kimba, passing a law making it harder to load a gun will only make you “feel good,” it is not practical and will not lessen these horrible crimes. Allowing citizens easier access to conceal and carry will ensure the safety of people and our children much more than banning how big a magazine is Kimba. WE KNOW THIS WORKS, it is proven. Why do the thing that makes someone feel good and do something that we know works?

Here is a powerful story from the documentary “Michael & Me,” by Larry Elder. What do you think would have stopped Michael Griffith from stalking and killing 23 people in Luby’s Restaurant Kimba? Smaller magazines? OR an armed citizenry? (You see Kimba, your anger and sadness are placed towards the wrong thing… not at the legislature for allowing an easier armed citizenry, but on a maniac and inanimate objects.)

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