Dr. Armitage Corrects Dr. Hugh Ross AND Jurassic World

Dr. Mark Armitage explains his work well by defending against misunderstandings (intentional or unintentional). More on his find that eventially got him fired from CSUN can be found here.

In this first video, Dr. Mark Armitage corrects Dr. Hugh Ross. You may notice his disdain for Hugh Ross, but he explains why at the end of the video. Here is Dr. Armitage’s description of the upload:

  • Dr. Hugh Ross is completely lame when it comes to my published findings of soft tissues in Triceratops horn. He can call my findings “tactics” and “claims” but he is IGNORANT when it comes to my peer-reviewed DISCOVERIES. Paleontologists are SHOCKED by dinosaur soft tissue but he tries to keep it hush-hush. Sorry Huge Wrong, stop embarrassing yourself.

In this second video, Dr. Armitage corrects some of the thinking found in the popular movie, Jurassic World’s promotional video. Here is Dr. Armitage’s description of his upload:

  • Jurassic World is following the lead of evolutionists who have gleefully promoted the FALSE idea that the preservation of Dino Soft Cells is EXPLAINED. It AIN’T explained folks – watch and see why.

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