Counter 9/11 Conspiracy Videos

9/11  Counter-Conspiracy  Videos

After twenty years, conspiracy theories about what happened on 9/11 are STILL running wild. So we’re attempted to take five of the biggest theories, and get them debunked FOREVER.

Millions of people believe that the World Trade Center was demolished with explosives as part of a vast government conspiracy. One of the core pieces of evidence for this belief is the presence of millions of microscopic iron spheres in the WTC dust. It is falsely claimed these microspheres could only have come from the use of explosives, and so their presence proves controlled demolition. Why does this false belief persist after being debunked over a decade ago?I explain the misconceptions about iron microspheres that keep the belief alive, and how to discuss these misconceptions with 9/11 conspiracy theorists. I’ll show where the WTC microspheres probably came from. There will be a live demonstration of one method of making iron microspheres using materials from the hotel gift shop, along with quick descriptions of ten other methods the fire marshal won’t let me show. This talk took place at the CSICon 2018 in Las Vegas on October 20, 2018

A very good series of a point-by-point refutation by Chris Mohr’s rebuttal to Richard Gage’s 9/11 truth controlled demolition theory (Introduction to Richard Gage’s Blueprint for Truth Respectful Rebuttal.)

  1. Introduction to Richard Gage’s Blueprint for Truth
  2. What Initiated Tower Collapses
  3. Gage’s 10 Reasons
  4. Tall Steel Frame Building Fire Collapses
  5. Symmetrical, free fall collapse
  6. Lateral Ejection of Steel and Squibs
  7. Pulverized concrete
  8. Eyewitness Accounts of Explosions
  9. Molten Iron/Steel?
  10. Iron Microspheres in WTC Dust
  11. Sulfidized Steel
  12. (11a) Thermites in WTC Dust?
  13. (11b) Thermitics in Dust
  14. (12) Twin Towers Conclusion

A great series by Myles Power – Parts 1-thru-7:

  1. Free fall and how the towers collapsed
  2. Nano-thermite found in the WTC dust
  3. Thermate, thermite and glowing aluminium
  4. How did WTC7 collapse
  5. The BBC, Larry Silverstein and the Pentagon
  6. The psychology behind a 9/11 truther
  7. Flight 93 and my final thoughts


Some other video refuting specific past claims of Truthers: