BREAKING NEWS — Military: Suspects tried to enter MacDill AFB using fake ID’s

Growing News Story:

TAMPA – A military spokesman said a man and woman tried to use fake military ID’s to gain access to MacDill Air Force Base late Monday afternoon. Six weapons were found inside their vehicle.

Officials say the as yet unidentified man is in the military and was AWOL (absent without leave) at the time of his arrest. The woman apparently has no military affiliation. Both are in their mid 20’s and are U.S. citizens.

A MacDill spokesman said Wednesday the pair tried to use fraudulent military identification to get past the Bayshore Boulevard gate around 5 p.m.

When guards became suspicious, ordnance teams were called to the gate and a robotic vehicle was used to determine that the car was afe.

A search of the vehicle turned up six weapons: three handguns, three rifles and ammunition, according to MacDill spokesman Col. David Cohen, 6th Air Mobility Wing vice commander.

“Security was never breached,” Cohen said, adding there is no indication that the incident was terrorist-related.

As to why the two were trying to get on the base, “We’re still trying to put that puzzle together.”

Concerning the weapons, Cohen said they were “commercially available weapons of military style.”

Cohen said the two suspects are cooperating. He would not elaborate on the man’s military affiliation or his AWOL status.

Are these two events connected?

Officials say an Army veteran who sped away from security at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., has been shot and killed by an FBI agent at the base. Officials say the veteran threatened the agent with a knife. (May 19)