An Amazing Tale Of God Protecting a Woman of Faith (Caution, *Graphic*)

I watched this the other day, and now here is the back-story. This man had a chance offered to him to repent, and surrender… he will stand before his Judge without excuse. Via The Blaze:

Police say Charlie “Chris” Bates had just finished raping four women at gunpoint after tying up the four men who were with them in a Tampa, Fla. apartment.

Bates then found what he thought was his next victim, a woman sitting on her porch at another apartment complex.

Police say Bates forced the woman inside her unit, made her undress and kiss him, and was about to rape her, according to the Tampa Tribune.

Then she did something amazingly bold and faithful: She began praying.

And she recited John 3:16 from the Bible, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

For God so loved the world …”

Police say Bates’ whole demeanor transformed.

He apologized to the woman, gave her a shirt, and they prayed together.

She tried to hand him her Bible, but when Bates wouldn’t take it, she ripped pages out and gave them to him, the Times says.

After he left, she called 911.

The prayers probably saved the woman’s life, police said.

Twelve hours later on Friday Bates, 24, was fatally wounded by police after a high-speed chase in which authorities exchanged at least 100 bullets with him. Bates is also suspected of shooting at another man, stealing a friend’s car, and threatening a large group of partygoers during his 14-hour rampage, authorities told the Tribune.