“I Was Born White But I Prefer Being Black”

Over the last five years, 29-year-old Martina Big has transformed her body with countless cosmetic procedures and tanning injections. Now, she says she’s the ‘proud owner of black skin’ and identifies herself as a black woman. (See my TRANSRACIAL PAGE)

I actually wrote the show and stated this:

At about the 4:20 mark it is mentioned that “race and color is much more than skin deep, its heritage, pedigree, tradition, history, struggle…” (rough quote). May I proffer something… all that can be said of the transgender movement. Being a male or female is much more than estrogen shots deep… it is heritage, pedigree, tradition, history, struggle… NOT only that, but there is only “one race,” the human race. The differences between ethnicity is much smaller than differences between the sexes. Genes turned on or off that produce melanin, maybe more fat around the eyes, etc.

Women have ovaries, have breasts, produce milk, have a uterus, different chromosomes, produce estrogen, etc., etc. THIS gap is much larger than merely ethnicity. As an Irish descendent my history of slavery (hunted down by Brits and sent to the America’s) and being under barbarism is almost as bad/deep of a wound. And? That history has zero reflection on my attitude today. Like it didn’t with Frederick Douglas (read his speech, “What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?”).

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