WOW! Dave Rubin Says Obama Has Destroyed “Fear” of America

On OraTV’s ‘Politicking,’ conservative talk show host Dennis Prager was surprised by progressive Dave Rubin admitting it a problem President Barack Obama has destroyed the world’s “fear” of America. Prager said it doesn’t bode well for Obama when the people on the left think he has diminished America’s global standing…

Libertarian Republican added to the convo:

….Watch as Prager practically does the back flip with joy after Rubin admits:

“there’s no fear. We’ve lost our deterrence of fear. And I do think that’s a problem…”

Exit question – Great. The left is even acknowledging Obama’s a weenie. Now how about the left-libertarians, Ron Paulists, non-interventionists? When are they going to acknowledge that weakness makes us vulnerable to communist expansionism (i.e. Castro-istas in Venezuela, Central America), and moreover Islamic terrorism?

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