W.A.S.P.’s Not Allowed to Complain (Bonus: Machosauce)

What a great post by Gay Patriot:

  • Gay people whine that they feel “emotionally raped” because Christian bakeries recommend they go elsewhere for their wedding cakes. Result: Christian businesses are destroyed by massive Government fines.
  • Muslims whine that a stewardess would only pour them a can of Diet Coke instead of handing them the whole can. Result: Airline apologizes and punishes stewardess.
  • Black people whine that the sight of a Confederate Flag hurts their feelings. Result: Governments and businesses ban the sale or display of the Confederate flags, even at Civil War Historical sites like Gettysburg and Fort Sumter. Blacks go on to demand the complete eradication of Confederate History.
  • Illegal Immigrants whine that they should be allowed to break the law with impunity. Result: Leftist Progressives create ‘Sanctuary Cities.’

read the rest to see what happens when WASP’s whine (WASP is an acronym for: White Anglo-Saxon Protestants).


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