This May Be My Most Important Post, Ever

I have argued for years that toilet paper is manufactured a certain way. In other words, what the customer does with it when they get home is up to them >>

Here are some positives to each of the positions:

Fine… each position has it’s pros… okay. BUT, we are talking about HOW IT IS DESIGNED! The manufacturer produces the product with a position in mind. Here are some examples I often give…

The backside of the toilet paper is blank. IT IS DESIGNED TO HANG A CERTAIN WAY. But now there is patent proof from the original 1891 patent. Read it and weep you dopes! (Notice as well that the original idea had the roll hanging a certain way… the first drawing below has a holder that shows the intent of the designer hanging the roll a certain way):

Need To Wipe Your Arse? Be Prepared To Be Fingerprinted (Venezuela)

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Protein Wisdom has this awesome post! Read the rest… linked at bottom:

In a move that will no doubt help further the Venezuelan government’s aim of establishing a socialist utopian republic, President Nicolas Maduro announced this week that grocery stores will soon begin the mandatory fingerprinting of customers. The peculiar initiative, which could be implemented by the end of the year, is meant to help combat the hoarding and smuggling of government-subsidized goods.

Venezuela exerts stringent currency and price controls on many products in an attempt to keep them affordable for its poorest citizens. Unfortunately, a staggering quantity of this merchandise ends up being secreted out of the country and re-sold at a profit in neighboring Colombia.

The oil-rich nation has been experiencing a chronic shortage of food supplies for a long while. Maduro, who succeeded the late Hugo Chavez, accused the political opposition last year of engineering the country’s shortages with the help of the CIA in order to undermine his government.


Faced with empty store shelves due to the combination of price controls, currency restrictions, and smuggling, Venezuelans are having a hard time finding the basics they need to live. The crisis has spurred the development of an app called Abasteceme (“Supply Me”), which allows shoppers to document and share where they have managed to find products.

The fingerprinting proposal, which critics decried as an invasion of privacy

Privacy? PRIVACY??!!?? What an out-dated, bourgeoisie, imperialistic, patriarchal notion! Honest people have no need for privacy!


and an attempt to institute a Cuban-style rationing program, would be similar to an anti-fraud system Venezuela currently employs during elections,

Voter id is only valid in Progressive socialist nations to keep enemies-of-the-people from reactionary crimes. Those of you in countries that have not repented of your oppressive capitalistic crimes must never, ever use ID of any kind when it comes to voting.

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You see… down deep all these “freedom of speech” guys who say they are libertarian or for freedom of thought — are really small tyrant down deep. The Left always falls into what is in their nature.

Keeping People Submissive Through TP

A very interesting story over at Libertarian Republican:

Police raid illegal toilet paper warehouse

Venezuela now following in the footsteps of the old Soviet Union

by Clifford F. Thies

France 24 is reporting that the police in Venezuela have busted an illegal warehouse, containing more than 2,000 rolls of black market toilet paper, and also literally hundreds of diapers.

With flour, sugar, cooking oil and all kinds of paper products in desperate short supply, the socialist government of Venezuela, is doing everything it can to minimize the human cost, including price controls, rationing, takeover of business, and now focusing the police and military on black markets.

Across the country, middle class people and not just the poor wait for hours in line to buy precious commodities, often having to roam from one store to another when they discover that the store where they had been standing in line has run out. The regime accuses its political opponents of hoarding, and blames greed, capitalism, the Jews, and the United States for the slow collapse of the economy.

Everybody happy, products available, harvest bountiful in the command economy… N’yet!

All this is as predictable as it is pathetic. But, it does remind us of some nearly forgotten jokes from the days of the former Soviet Union….

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