John and Ken Discuss #CalExit (Bonus, Dennis Prager)

(Above description) Hilarious! I will sign… chaos! If this actually goes through (which is HIGHLY doubtful that the other states would approve it) the other 49-states would have years of Republican presidents. Funny.

REMEMBER, #Texit was joked about and it was considered racist because it was eluded to when Obama was President. Now? Not racist when California ACTUALLY does it? Double standards of the Left.

I am gonna sign to make a point and hopefully ensure GOP victory for the other states. But those that are doing it now based on feelings of distaste for Trump will make a life-long decision based on a temporary feeling in the present. Like a tattoo.

(Above description) A caller calls in about secession from the union… Prager ends the call by saying he supports the #CalExit movement because it will fail and forever be a moniker to Leftists long list of destroying what it touches. (Ebonics is a great example)