“I’m A Woman. There’s No Turning Back [again]” ~ He Said

  • When a Man stops believing in God he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything. – G. K. Chesterton

Before getting to the excellent commentary by the Chicks’ on the Right, I wanted to note something. What I found Interesting was when I did an initial YouTube search on “Ria Cooper,” the above man, I came across this video of a skin condition where a black woman is turning white through “loss of pigmentation” — her cells turning off the ability to produce melanin. (Known as Vitiligo.) In today day-n-age — maybe as with others — what is lost is that we are all one race, the human race.

And the differences themselves between the ethnicities is small, like fat around the eyes or lips (Asian or black), melanin in the cells being produced being on or off in varying degrees (white to black), etc. CULTURE is the biggest separator of ethnicity.

HOWEVER, the difference between male and female is much deeper, genetically and physiologically speaking. If you have a uterus/womb, lactate around birth, xx vs. xy chromosome, a vagina, etc. These are HUGE differences that make the comparison between “races” child’s play. Yet here we are in a culture that says a baby in the womb is not a person till the day before delivery, but that says men can give birth. That say a white woman cannot merely decide to be black, but that says a man can be “woman of the year.”

Crazy times.

CHICKS ON THE RIGHT comment on the issue via that MIRROR’S story on this:

….Meet Ria Cooper. I don’t even know what pronoun to use for this individual, because he/she has swapped his/her gender three different times already, and he/she is only 23.

Cooper was born a boy, so I’m going to stick with “he” from here on out.

Cooper first switched his gender at 15. Why Cooper’s parents allowed that to happen is beyond me. He should actually be the poster child for not allowing teens to switch genders, because holy smokes, he has changed his mind MULTIPLE times.

As I mentioned above, Cooper– who currently goes by Ria– was born a boy. A boy named Brad. He managed to convince everyone around him– even medical professionals– that he was a girl trapped in a boy’s body and became “Britain’s youngest sex-swap patient” at the tender age of 15.

Doctors gave him the works– puberty blockers, female hormones, you name it. And he lived happily ever after as a woman. He was finally his true self.

JUST KIDDING. His female identity didn’t really work out, so he decided to transition back to a dude and live as a gay man instead. He made that decision about three years later. Brad was back.

But now Brad is leaving again. Or– he’s already gone. He’s decided to give living as a woman another go. You see, Cooper didn’t switch back to being a man because he wanted to. He still knew he was a woman. He just didn’t want society to judge him, or something.

“I’ve always known I was female – it was everyone else who was confused, not me. I was wearing make-up and heels at the age of 12, there was no question,” he said, according to the Mirror.

“But I felt under so much pressure from society that six years later I caved in. I was torn. I knew exactly who I was, but I also wanted to conform and be ‘normal,’” he continued.

It’s your fault. You’re confused. You made him uncomfortable. You kept him from being his true self. This hasnothing to do with the fact that transforming your physical body does ZERO to address serious mental issues. This is a cultural problem caused by you, you transphobic scummy jackwagon.

Speaking of mental issues, during the first transition– when he was a woman the first time around– he struggled with depression, became a prostitute and tried to commit suicide. But please. Tell me again that this isn’t a mental issue.

But now? Now he’s “older and wiser” and knows “exactly” who he is.

“I’m Ria and I’m a woman. There’s no turning back,” he said.

Unless of course he turns back, like last time. That’s always an option…..

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