Does God Exist ~ William Lane Craig debates Peter Atkins

This debate on “Does God Exist?” took place in front of a capacity audience at the University of Manchester (including an overspill room). It was recorded on Wednesday 26th October 2011 as part of the UK Reasonable Faith Tour with William Lane Craig.

William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology, La Mirada, California and a leading philosopher of religion. Peter Atkins is former Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Lincoln College.

The debate was chaired by Christopher Whitehead, Head of Chemistry School at the University. Post-debate discussion was moderated by Peter S Williams, Philosopher in Residence at the Damaris Trust, UK.

Peter Atkins and John Lennox Sit Down and Discuss the Important Issues in Life (Serious Saturday)

Atheist and Oxford professor Dr. Peter Atkins (a chemist) debates theist and also Oxford professor Dr. John Lennox (a mathematician and philosopher) on God, science, and atheism. Dr. Atkins gives an emotional, arrogant, and bigoted presentation, while Dr. Lennox responds rationally and analytically. Dr. Lennox has soundly defeated atheist Richard Dawkins in three debates, and was voted a winner against his debate with Christopher Hitchens. Now watch as he defeats Dr. Atkins!

I also recommend you watch Atkins debate with Dr. William Lane Craig: