The Truth About Milo’s Twitter Flop

(Just so you know, I reject Paul Watson’s affiliation with Alex Jones BS)

Twitter and the entire media are lying about why Milo was banned.

When future generations look back on this critical juncture in the fight for liberal western ideals of free expression, they’ll see that Twitter and Jack Dorsey were on the wrong side of history.

America: The Greatest Country on Earth

I posted this on Paul Watson’s YouTube… he seems to be living in two worlds and responding to them in a disjointed manner. While I can post his stuff and mean it… he has to caveat everything because of the organization he is with:

Great stuff, and even posting on my site… but for many years I was into the NWO [conspiratorial view of history] — you can see a small sampling of my reading on this below… While you are really one of the only guys at Info Wars I will post on my site, Info Wars, Prison Planet, Alex Jones, and others and other organizations like them do not like America either.

They would say the Jacobins and Freemasons from France (the Illuminati) infiltrated the founding of our country. The major wars like WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and the like were fought for conspiratorial means, even noting this is how opportunists during the battles of Napoleon became rich in the stock market which eventually influenced the big families here in the states, thus, influencing much of our politics by this “secret cabal.” That 9/11 was an inside job, pushing stuff like FEMA Camps… the list goes on.

The idea that you can comment well on “American history” and patriotism is a bit confusing to me.

Here is one reply to the dumb libs on Twitter I enjoyed:

A SMALL sample of my library on this topic (remember, my home library boasts over 5,000 books, I have about a hundred-or-so of these books dealing with the conspiratorial view of history).

I changed my view on the matter after my “tri-fecta,” so-to-speak. What happened was (1) Y2K, (2) I started listening to and being challenged by Michael Medved’s “Conspiracy Show,” which lead me to try and (3) follow AND confirm the many references to historical positions made in these books, which failed miserably. These are all scanned onto my computer via my scanner… (mentioned merely for authenticity purposes… conspiracy people need this type of reassurance).

 photo Morals.jpg  photo Dogma.jpg
 photo Tragedy.jpg  photo TheSecret.jpg
 photo TheNew.jpg  photo Proofs.jpg
 photo Shadows.jpg  photo New.jpg
 photo Naked.jpg  photo Lost.jpg
 photo French conspiracy.jpg  photo enroute.jpg
 photo Conspiracy.jpg  photo Black.jpg
 photo Brotherhood.jpg  photo FIRE minds of men book.jpg

Reflections On #TrigglyPuff

Gay Patriot notes soo well the following:

One of Trigglypuff’s fellow Socialist Juicebox Wankers was “triggered” by the media attention spawned when their deranged screaming, obscenity shouting, and bingo-wing flapping was made public. The SJW wrote a very long email threatening a website that made her feel “unsafe” by publishing things she actually said on her Facebook account.By reading her letter, we can gain an insight into the concept of “Free Speech” as it is understood by Juicebox Wankers.

  • Free Speech is protected by law, but those laws don’t apply to “hate speech.”
  • “Hate speech” is defined as speech that makes any LGBT, a Muslim, hypersensitive left-wing feminist, or member of a designated protected racial minority victim group  feel “unsafe.”
  • Determining what is and what is not “Hate Speech” is the exclusive province of LGBTs, hypersensitive feminists, and selected members of designated racial minority and victim groups.
  • White males can be made to feel unsafe because SJW’s have designated them as members of the White Supremacist Patriarchy
  • Hate Speech, as defined above, may be banned from college campuses; if anyone dares express it anyway, it is okay for SJW’s to harass, threaten, and disrupt them because harassment, threats, and disruption are acceptable forms of “free speech.”

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And let me preface this video with my normal comment that while I thoroughly enjoy Paul Watson’s work ~ I wholly reject Alex Jones, InfoWars, and Prison Planet: