Too Bad-Soo Sad (the Polorizing Ed Schultz)

HotAir has some great input on Ed Schultz that makes me laugh at the audacity of dope:

Remember how leftists were accusing Fox News talk show host Glenn Beck of being a polarizing figure after and especially before his “Restoring Honor” rally? He was too outspoken, not nuanced enough. Well, how about this?

MSNBC’s Ed Schultz at “One Nation”: “We must fight the forces of evil – the conservatives.”

He went on to say that:

They want it for them, they don’t want it for the people. They talk about the Constitution, but they don’t want to live by it. They talk about our forefathers, but they want discrimination. They want to change this country.

If that’s not “polarizing,” I don’t know what is. “They want discrimination”? Really? Strange, I’ve never heard, say, a Tea Party speaker advocate reintroducing segregation. In fact, if memory serves me well, Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally featured several prominent African American speakers, who demanded an end to Obama’s “divide-and-conquer”-politics. If conservatives “want discrimination,” why is it that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Alveda King, was happy to accept Beck’s invitation to speak at his event, that stressed moral values such as honor, honesty and respect?

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NewsBusters h/t:

Glenn Beck’s Rally

One Nation Rally

While estimates for Beck’s rally are 300,000 (really more like 500,000 — but to go with the major news orgs, 300,000), much less came for the One Nation Rally, period. Politics and World News has this post on the event:

The One Nation Rally which transpired on Saturday is the talk of the political circles. After the Glenn Beck rally, it only made sense that the liberal demographic would stage their very own event. However, it appears as if the attendance figures for the one nation rally are actually far less than Glenn Beck’s rally attendance.

Now, there will be people that argue until they are blue in the face. However look at the photograph here – one of the photos were taken at Beck’s rally and the other was taken at this weekend’s One Nation rally. Tell me which crowd appear larger?

However, no one is releasing totals on the attendance of the One Nation rally. One non-partisan satellite imagery company issued an estimate of 87,000 for Beck’s rally attendance, although he claims more like 500,000 attended. The One Nation organizers claim that 175,000 to 200,000 came to their rally.

The politics are heated, and therefore we won’t have a concrete total from the rally. Whose rally was better, Beck’s or One Nation? It all depends on who you ask.
What attendance do you think was better – one Nation or Glenn Beck?

One of my favorite commentaries comes from Protein Wisdom, and PW sums up the speakers presentations:

If you can stand more than ten minutes of dreck — the Left farce known as “One Nation” march on D.C. A group consisting of the usual Progressive groups — from SEIU, AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood to Socialist Democrats of America and the American Communist Party.

I’ve listened to the opening “march reasons” which included (quotes as I heard them)

We march against in resegregation from Arizona to Atlanta.

We march against when a handful of Senators can block progress and keep tax cuts for the rich.

And now the first speaker is the deranged, demented Ed Schultz.

“The conservatives voices of America want to keep you down. They don’t believe in your freedom.”

What a fucknut among other fucknuts.


“We need to value people over profits” … For pity’s sake, does the Left ever go beyond its old, moldy, risible slogans of the past?


“Go back to the slums of our Northern cities knowing this must change.” Does the little proggie mouthing that line even stop to consider the worst city slums are in cities that have been run exclusively by Democrats according to Progressive “values”?


What is striking so far is the lack of enthusiasm in the crowd. I’m not hearing much in the way of applause and reaction to the speeches. I wish there were more crowd shots; there seems to be a lot of milling around, large groups of people wearing the same t-shirts (union affiliation?)

Seems this rally is being phoned in as well as it was bused in.


“If my gender is respected but other genders are pushed to a life of seclusion … things are not right” Eddie Flores (?) from Los Angeles.

Um…just how many genders are there and which one is being “pushed to seclusion”? Interesting line from an East El-Lay cholo who described himself as a 23 year old who has a “lifetime of pursuing social justice.”


SEIU rep now takes the podium and tries to get the crowd to chant.



We had the muzak version of Lennon’s lame “Imagine” and interpretive dance at the beginning, now we get Black Ice, a hip-hop poet.

Oh, lord.


Van Jones! “It’s our turn now.”

Whoops…quick crowd shot and they are just not paying attention!

“We have a Saudia Arabia of solar power beaming down on us right now.” [facepalm]

Now Van is talking about wind power “You’ve never heard of a ‘wind slick’ or ‘wind spill’.”

“We care about red states, too. We have some real answers for them.” I bet you do, Van; I bet you do.


More credibility for this rally: here’s Al Sharpton!

Little Proggie college coed who doesn’t want to connect Federal interference in higher education and the explosion of tuition fees. Kinda says how economics is taught, eh?

Sharpton pulls the race card. Yawn.


Another crowd shot … lots of empty chairs shown.


Some greyhaired “Native American” comedian (sic) [Charlie Hill?] who, if the crowd reaction is any indication, is a reject from open-mic night. Where’s that giant hook when you need it?

He slams Beck, Palin and others then says “Now is the time of healing.” Oky, doky …


Barbara Elliot, union organizer: “We don’t just need jobs, we need jobs for justice.” Um, anyone want to take a stab at translating that one?

Larry Cohen is now slamming Xerox. Oh yeah… “One Nation” demanding an immediate one million jobs. Just what tree do they think those jobs grow on?


Shot of professionally printed signs. Yep, this is really a “grassroots” rally.

Now time for some more Progressive union demogoguery.


Dick Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO: “If you watch TV you’d think we were a nation full of hate.” heh


Yikes … I needed to take a break for a while and return to see Jesse Jackson on stage!

Oh, an illegal alien college student who is saying “It wasn’t MY fault I’m here … pay me.”

JJ: “When Michelle Obama speaks of obesity in children, she is on the right side of history.” Wow, I’m inspired, aren’t you?


“The terrorism in the modern work place.” Excuse me?

Victoria Rowell is now saying it is impossible for any person to be represented by any one else but another person of the same melanin-level or sexual orientation. Indeed, this sneering little collectivist makes clear that individuals are to be judged by their group they are assigned to and by the actions/words of the leaders of that group.

Sorry, Vicki, but that is antithetical to America.


Beau Sia, Siam Poet — Coming next to an over-priced, free-trade coffee shop near you.

Um…. he finishes a poem talking about how wonderful and valuable teachers are, then the bump music as he leaves the stage from Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall ? “Hey, Teacher, leave those kids …” and the snippet cuts off. Hilarious.


Shot of sign “Hillary Clinton: Lady MacDeath”


Darlene Nipper continuing the celebration of identity politics.

The crowd is thinning out and not interested.

Rep Luis Gutierrez, 4th district D-Ill shilling for illegal alien blanket amnesty


Whoa!! Speakers are still at the podium and the cameras swung to the crowd. I snagged this screenshot:

No one left the Restoring Honor Rally early. This was supposed to rival that.

Astroturf ain’t just what it is all cracked up to be, eh, Proggies? Even Soro’s money and Union-financed buses couldn’t keep the paid butts in those seats.
The Proggie chick speaking is saying that the government must provide a “safety net”, but what she really wants is a hammock.
“We are tired being represented by the so-called Tea Party. We are the real America.”
George Clinton introduced with “…here to perform one of the 500 most important songs in America.”

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA …. I’m sorry, but the unintended comedy is hilarious ….
ouch… GC is really pathetic trying to play to empty chairs. This is embarrassing. Just when I thought this thing couldn’t go any lower ….
1:36 PDT the rally is mercifully over … there were some speakers left on the roster, but even the rally organizers couldn’t keep putting them on before an audience that was consistently apathetic and started bailing out much earlier.

Protein Wisdom also posted this video of an assault on a Human Events camerawoman: