Ridding Language of Femininity – Feminisms Fail

As the Left gets more progressive, womanhood [and manhood] is being replaced with genderlessness — so claiming “feminity” and special protections for women is old-hat. The National Organization for Women (NOW) in 1988 in their official paper, National NOW Times, wrote: “The simple fact is that every woman must be willing to be identified as a lesbian to be fully feminist.” But now “lesbian” excludes others who do not identifiy using such gender oppresive language. Lol…

David Menzies reports the British Medical Association has issued a “communication” guide instructing members to avoid the term “expectant mother” to avoid offending transgender people. MORE

N.O.W. supports men who call women whores

Carol Platt Liebau points out the obvious hypocrisy in the modern – progressive – feminist movement.

The day after he (or a member of his staff) is caught on tape calling Meg Whitman a whore, Jerry Brown has announced the endorsement of the National Organization of Women (NOW).

You know, it’s fashionable in feminist circles tosit around  bemoaning the fact that few young women want to identify themselves as feminists.

Wanna know why?  This kind of hypocrisy is the reason why.  It’s OK with NOW, supposedly an organization devoted to the equal and respectful treatment of women for Jerry  Brown to call his opponent — an accomplished woman, and more importantly, any woman — a “whore.”  It’s OK with NOW for Bill Clinton to engage in sexual harassment of an intern in The White House, and possibly worse in his pre-presidential days.  It’s OK with NOW to allow Sarah Palin to be denigrated in the cheapest, lowest and most sexist ways.

NOW has nothing to do with women’s rights, or the proper treatment of women.  They are simply shills for abortion and big government.  They ought to admit it and take the word “Women” out of their name, because they no more stand for “women” in general than President Obama stands for small government and low taxes.

Women — and men — are on to NOW’s racket.  That’s why their endorsement means nothing.  They’re just political hacks.  What young woman in her right mind would want to be associated with such cheap political opportunism?