Two muslim woman attack a Jewish man at a coffee shop in Montreal

Via Vlad:

…The police did come and tried to make him delete this video and also talked him out of pressing charges. He now regrets his decision to not press them.

They apparently attacked him again outside the coffee shop. I don’t have video of that yet.

Youtube pulled this video down and threatened to close this man’s account as well.

The translation was done by Susan K. Thank you Sue very much for your help on this.

Lastly, I was sent the  original phone-file, the 3gp. I edited out some standing around and marked it with a dip-to-black where I did. There was no contextual editing….

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A Golden Eagle Hunts Babies in Montreal Park ~ The Baby Is Fine (Updated: Fake? YES!)

It is being reported that this is CGI… good CGI… but CGI nonetheless.

Yep, CGI, via The Blaze:

According to one of the hoaxers, students were promised a grade of “100″ if their video managed to generate more than 100 views on the web. Grades should not be a problem for this team. At press time, the overachievers are approaching 20 million views for their entry.

Team member Normand Archimbault explained it all to the Today Show:

We did all the basic steps of creating a 3-D element for a film. We rigged the eagle, the kid, and then we integrated it with the clip.

The full “Today” show segment with further explanation is below:

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