SNL Predicted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Updated)

SNL didn’t realize it, but this skit from 2013 is prophetic. They could do this skit over with minor tweaks to represent Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Soo funny:


Before Congresswoman

After Congresswoman

Snowflake TV – Norm Macdonald Ostracized

Wow, welcome to Snowflake TV… even commenting on stuff keeps you from the late night shows. BREITBART reports on these millennials:

….The New York Post reports:

Macdonald said that he had arrived early at the late-night show to pre-tape a “True Confessions” segment with fellow guest Matthew McConaughey when “some people, from NBC or ‘The Tonight Show,’ I don’t know who they were,” stopped by his dressing room and questioned the prudence of doing that particular bit at this time.


Eventually, a “concerned”-looking Fallon himself stopped by Macdonald’s dressing room to ask, “How should we play this?” As Macdonald told Stern, “Part of the reason I love [Jimmy] is because he does nothing about the news. He’s just a song-and-dance man. He’s not a political comedian.”


Fallon and Macdonald agreed they would address his #MeToo remarks at the end of their interview, following some reminiscing about the late Burt Reynolds (whom Macdonald used to imitate on “Saturday Night Live”). After Macdonald rebuffed the producers’ idea to open the show with an apology, Fallon returned to say that he was feeling a lot of pressure from people, noting that some senior producers were “crying” over the idea of letting Macdonald appear on-air.

“He was very broken up about it, he didn’t want this,” the comedian told Stern. “Jimmy said, ‘Come back whenever you want, but I think it will hurt the show tonight,” to which Macdonald replied, “‘Jimmy, that’s the last thing I want to do, is hurt your show.’”

MiLENINal’s And The Ol’ Lie

Are Republicans ready to take this challenge from the far left seriously? Matt Gorman from the National Republican Congressional Committee weighs in on ‘Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream.’

In one of the funniest posts in a while, TWITCHY want to shorten Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s name:

We need a nickname for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s too long to type it all out. Post your suggestions here….

  • “She Guevara”
  • “Bolshichick”
  • “Bolshevik Barbie”
  • “Alex from the East Bloc”
  • “Bronxhevik”
  • “MARXandria”
  • “MiLENINal”

Michael Medved discusses the growing popularity (popularity should be in quotes) of socialism. News organizations like the AP have headlines that say “Democratic socialism surging in the age of Trump,” but what does “surge” mean? While it is still worrisome that soo many young people do not know what socialism is, the membership rates are still nowhere near the NRA, of 5,000,000[+] persons.

Doing the Impossible Motivating Young People to be Responsible

Jordan Peterson is an unlikely Youtube celebrity. The Canadian psychologist lectures about things like responsibility. Yet millions of young people watch his videos and line up to hear his speeches and buy his book 12 Rules for Life. It was number one on the Amazon bestseller list for a month.

Almost a 3rd of Millennial’s Doubt Earth’s Roundness

In the poll, most of the skeptical kids just didn’t commit to saying it is round. I think they may have been afraid that they would offend someone — not necessarily thinking the earth is flat.

Just how unforgivably has government-run education been letting down youth? One indication is the percentage of 18- to 24-year olds who don’t know the Earth is round:

YouGov, a British market research firm, polled 8,215 adults in the United States to find out if they ever believed in the “flat Earth” movement. Only 66 percent of young millennials answered that they “always believe the world is round.”

Another nine percent […] of young adults said they thought the planet was spherical but had doubts about it. In a disturbing display of indecision, 16 percent of millennials said they weren’t sure what the shape of the planet was.

On the positive side, they know how to recycle, that economic freedom makes it be too hot out for the sacred man-eating polar bears, and that America is racist.

It is revealing that the younger the age group, the more likely people are to be unaware that the world is round, falling from a peak of 94% for those 55 and over. This presumably reflects the dumbing down of society by failed public schools and the ever more idiotic media.


My favorite rewriting of a headline is this one by LIBERTY DAILY:

Here is more from the article linked:

Only two-thirds of millennials fully believe that the Earth is round, according to a study conducted by the British firm YouGov. The rest are open to the possibility that we’re living on a flat planet. Or, they aren’t quite sure.

Under the study, a total of 8,215 American millennials and other age groups were asked a series of questions about whether they believe the world is round or flat.

Here’s how they responded:

  • I have always believed the world is round: 66 percent.
  • I always thought the world is round, but more recently I am skeptical/have doubts: 9 percent.
  • I always thought the world is flat, but more recently I am skeptical/have doubts: 5 percent.
  • I have always believed the world is flat: 4 percent.
  • Other/Not sure: 16 percent.

What about other adults?

Overall, an overwhelming majority of Americans — 84 percent — believe the Earth is round, the study found. But at least 5 percent said they used to believe that, but now have doubts and question whether the Earth is actually flat……

I wonder if THESE are the kids Obama called smart and were “waiting” for? Does he have there backs?

Maybe, just maybe, instead of making NASA an outreach for Muslims, he should of funded them for space exploration?

Millennial Prevarications – Dennis Prager

This is a long one. I combine a snippet of hour one of the Prager show, then the entire “Male/Female Hour,” added to this is a very large segment from the third hour. All the topics and calls are related in that this is the “civil war” for sanity to hold the line for common sense, sanity, natures boundaries, and identity in God. Discussion of male/female relations and differences is the unifying factor. ARTICLES MENTIONED: