Media Mash on Chris Matthews Being an `Unmitigated Liar`

At this point in the campaign, most liberal journalists are panicked, but MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, well, he’s just “delusional,” NewsBusters publisher Brent Bozell noted on the Thursday edition of Fox News Channel’s Hannity. The Media Research Center founder was reacting to a montage that a) showed the Hardball host bullying a college student, insisting that the “Innocents of Muslims” video was the real spark of the deadly Benghazi attack and b) showed Matthews complaining that conservatives are more interested in turning Obama out of office than destroying al Qaeda, and that that was out of racial animus.

Matthews was being “clearly, clearly dishonest” since he most certainly “knows [the Benghazi attack was] not about a video.” As to Matthews’s charge about conservatives hating Obama more than al Qaeda