Joe Biden Says It All~If your in a union and Republican,watch your back

Hate and pressure at work from the left (Freep h/t):

At the Paris Las Vegas Hotel on Friday, Vice President Biden addressed a convention of the International Teamsters, telling the union members to vote Democratic next year.

“And don’t any of you, by the way, any of you guys vote Republican,” the garrulous Vice President started to say, after which he caught himself. “I’m not supposed to say, this isn’t political, I’m not supposed to say this.”

The crowd cheered him on.

“Guys!” Biden continued. “Let me put it this way! Don’t come to me if you do! You’re on your own, Jack!

At another point, the Vice President told the crowd, “Your logo is a horse’s head. Theirs should be the horse’s other end.”

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