Larry Elder Discusses the Hispanic Vote as it Relates to Republicans and Democrats, Takes Calls from Mexican Listeners ~ Revealing

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Larry Elder discusses a Phyllis Schlafly article and takes calls from Mexican descent listeners. (Posted by: RPT) Can Republicans get the Latino/Hispanic vote by “amnesty,” or are the majority of the vote [south of the border] already use to one form of government, and hand-outs “buys” their vote? The answer and discussion is revealing.

See the “Vote Pump

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Dennis Prager Deals with the Charge of “Old White Males” and the GOP (Values vs. Blocs)

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First, Prager deals with the backward thinking of the liberal/progressive website, Democratic Underground, and how they take positions which are self-referentially defeating. Secondly, he deals with how the NYTs as well as others miss-characterize these blocs, and he finishes with showing how values and the Hispanic vote are not mutually exclusive.

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