Know Thine Enemies

This is a story that has been growing in the intelligence world (I am sure) for quite some time. I noted it here in an old post blogged in March of 2008 entitled, Obama and FARC. Gateway Pundit notes some interesting updates to this story. For some older background to this growing story, here is a Hannity look at it:

Here Gateway lists a few of the notable notables in regards to FARC and info gleaned from captured computers in 2008:

  • FARC connections with Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa
  • Records of $300 million offerings from Hugo Chavez
  • Thank you notes from Hugo Chavez dating back to 1992
  • Uranium purchasing records
  • Admit to killing the sister of former President Cesar Gaviria
  • Admit to planting a 2003 car bomb killing 36 at a Bogota upper crust club
  • Directions on how to make a Dirty Bomb
  • Information that led to the discovery of 60 pounds of uranium
  • Letter to Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi asking for cash to buy surface-to-air missiles
  • Meetings with “gringos” about Barack Obama
  • Information on Russian illegal arms dealer Viktor Bout who was later captured
  • FARC funding Correa’s campaign
  • Cuban links to FARC
  • Links to US Democrats
  • $480,000 of FARC cash in Costa Rican safe house
  • $100,000 to President Correa’s campaign for election
  • Chavez attempts to buy arms for FARC through the Belarus regime
  • FARC branches in 17 countries including Germany and Switzerland
  • FARC terrorists expanded operations to 17 countries
  • FARC terrorists expanded operations to Germany and Switzerland

Continuing, Gateway begins to make his main point:

…The FARC Computers also contained documents that reportedly showed US Democrats were secretly reaching out to the FARC terrorists. Not only were the FARC terrorists of Colombia hoping Barack Obama would win the presidential election because he was most aligned with the Colombian Marxist group but the terrorists were also reportedly communicating with US Democrats on the sly…

This is the reason (actually, one of many) that makes me say confidently that we have a radical secularist in office. I will never, upon what I know to date, say Obama is a Muslim. I digress.

Venezuela has close ties to FARC. And Venezuela has close ties to Middle-Eastern terrorists. Here is a recent report on all these connections:

Who are these Democrats that side with Iran in the student uprising, support a supremacist Mosque at Ground-Zero, take over car companies, raise taxes and increase debt by massive stimulus programs and take over health-care? Whoever they are, let us throw them out in November! An aside: I can’t count the times, by-the-by, that I was told Bush was in bed with the Saudi’s, which is bad. Now building a Mosque with money from the Saudis and Iran is okay with he laft. Hmmmm.