The Hillary Campaign Tried to Have Mika Brzezinski Censored!

Did the Hillary Presidential campaign prove Time Warner CEO, Jeff Bewkes’s, contention that the Democratic Party poses a greater threat to the First Amendment than from Donald Trump. (CNBC & DAILY CALLER)


On Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski reveals that after she had warned that the Clinton campaign needed to stop arrogantly assuming that the race was over, “NBC got a call from the campaign that I had done something that was journalistically inappropriate or something and needed to be pulled off the air.”

Trump Appointments Better Than With Rubio or Jeb

The bottom line is that Jeb or Marco wouldn’t have nominated these folks!

MARK HALPERIN: Who is going to drive policy in this administration in education and EPA and Attorney General and DHS? He’s nominated very sharply ideological activists who Ted Cruz I don’t necessarily think would have had the follow-through to nominate.


JOE: Exactly. I have a story I’ll tell off-camera about telling somebody I wasn’t ready for something [and they said], well that tells me that you are ready for it. But anyway, but again. How fascinating that the Never Trumpers and the Wall Street Journal editorial page and the Bill Kristols, and all the people that were rightly the most skeptical of Donald Trump during the primary, have to sit back going, wow, I would not have gotten this with Jeb or Marco.

How Leftists Portray Reality

Dennis Prager reads from an article by Neal Gabler via Bill Moyers’ website — who himself is a far leftist. In reading from the article, Dennis Prager gets ample opportunity to opine. I also included some video of violence done by Hillary/Bernie Sanders supporters [Leftists]. It is well known and documented that Hillary’s campaign may in fact have funded some of what you will see.

At any rate, enjoy the critique of progressivism.

Putting Democracy At Risk – Dems v. GOP

You see, it is good if Democrats do it because they — in their elitist knowledge — know what is best for Democracy. When Republicans even suggest the same… they are evil DESTRUCTORS of the same Democracy:

(I love Mika’s headache!)

Maybe the Clinton’s [esp. HIllary] were just so shocked by the outcome that Democracy must be harmed? This surprising outcome on November 8th can be seen in this video purportedly showing the Clinton’s celebrating Hillary’s victory the morning of.

(Take note of Bill Clinton’s “inner school girl” coming out)

So, Let Me Get This Straight… (Updated)

  • everything-is-racist-spongbob-380…Thirteen percent of Muslims voted for Trump, triple the amount that voted Romney, are they are Islamophobic, bigoted, xenophobic, and racist?
  • Eight percent of blacks voted for Trump, seven percent more than Romney — not to mention the black men and women who didn’t vote for the president at all in a higher percentage. These same men and women previously voted twice for Obama. These persons of color… if I understand my detractors correctly, are racist bigots?
  • A higher percentage (almost 30%) of Hispanics voted for Trump, more in fact than voted for Romney. These Hispanic and Latino men and women, like the others, are xenophobic, bigoted, and racist?
  • One hundred-and-ninety-four counties that voted for Obama once switched to GOP in the 2016 election. And, two-hundred-and-nine counties that voted for Obama twice switched to GOP. Many of these people are union members as well as life-long Democrats. Am I now being told that these Democrats who voted for Obama are: racist. sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, bigoted?
  • Am I being told that voter I.D. laws are racist and a way on keeping minorities from voting? But when the Obama administration used tax-payer money to help fund voter I.D. in South Africa and other African nations, he himself is racist and trying to stop the poor and minorities from voting?
  • During Bush’s Presidency, there were bumper stickers all over the place that read, “Dissent is Patriotic,” when Republicans and conservatives dissented from Obama, they were called racists. Will dissent again be “patriotic”? 
  • Bill Clinton noted that Trumps slogan of “Make America Great Again” is a racist statement. Except in 1991 when he himself used it [Bill Clinton that is] at a campaign event in Little Rock, Arkansas, Mr. Clinton declared, “Together, we can make America great again.” It wasn’t racist then apparently. Nor when he used the same phrase again during a speech in 1992 and during a television interview that same year. Nor when he used it in a campaign ad for his wife in 2008, Mr. Clinton said, “It’s time for another comeback, time to make America great again.”
  • More gays voted for Trump than voted for Romney, are they now homophobic bigots as well?
  • Self defined Marxist Van Jones of CNN said there was a “white-lash” that got Trump elected, but more whites voted for Romney than did for Trump. (In other words, Trump was elected by “other-than” the white vote.)
  • When a few people in Texas were head-bobbing breaking away from the Union, this was proof of bigotry and racism.  Now a few people in California are head-faking leaving the Union, and all I hear is how this would work and nothing about bigotry or unseen racism.
  • The KKK have voted since their inception primarily for Democrats. Still they vote in the eighty-percentage areas for Democrats, but only now that a higher percentage voted for Trump (and most likely voting Democrat the rest of the ticket) do Democrats get vocal about the voting habits of the Ku Klux Klan? Why are they never vocal about the almost one-hundred percent of Nation of Islam members, the members of the Nation of Gods and Earths (Five-Percenters), or the Communist Party of America’s voting habits?

Are you seeing a pattern? A convenient narrative surely. Every President on the GOP side have been compared to N.A.Z.I.’s and Hitler since Nixon. DON’T accept the comparison. Take their arguments and return them packaged in a nice little bow.

Democrats want to fundamentally change America. I don’t love my wife if I want to fundamentally change her. Black Life Matters protesters teach their children to burn American flags or march down the street chanting “What do we want?!” “Dead Cops!” “When do we want them?!” “NOW!” They argue America was founded on nothing but slavery and greed. Hillary Clinton backed this group even going as far as far as saying (at the NAACP) that “systemic racism” needs to be eliminated. Months later calling Americans all racists: “I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone, not just police. I think unfortunately too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other and therefore I think we need all of us to be asked the hard questions ‘why am I feeling this way?’”

Democrats think I am an imperialist white supremacist Christian cisgender capitalist heteropatriarchal male. Apparently however, these many demographic changes across the board [noted above] seem to agree that Trump’s slogan was acceptable, “Make America Great Again.”

Ivory Tower Kindergartens – Safe Spaces

THE DETROIT NEWS has this story to catch us up on the conversation above:

East Lansing— One week after President-elect Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, students gathered at Michigan State University’s student union to eat pizza, write about how they felt and talk about what happened.

“It was hard, and I felt very alone,” said Allison Bell, a freshman from Chicago. “I have extended family nearby and I was going to stay with them. But due to differing political views, it is kind of hard to find comfort with them even though there is a lot of love.”

A few days later, University of Michigan students walked out of classes and spilled onto streets, demanding the campus be made more of a “sanctuary” as they protested classism, sexism, discrimination and ethnic intimidation.

A few weeks before, Eastern Michigan University students gathered to talk about racist graffiti that emerged on campus buildings.

Students and sometimes university staff are creating areas — sometimes known as safe spaces — to work through issues that are reverberating through college campuses in Michigan and nationwide. From the outcome of the presidential election, to racist and violent incidents on campus, students are creating places to process, protest, organize and find ways to move on.

Some colleges, such as Brown University, have set aside safe spaces with coloring books, cookies and Play-Doh…


The Wall Street Journal reports:

Colleges Try to Comfort Students Upset by Trump Victory

Dozens of students at Cornell University gathered on a major campus thoroughfare for a “cry-in” to mourn the results of the 2016 presidential election Wednesday, with school staff providing tissues and hot chocolate.

At Tufts University, arts and crafts were on offer. And the University of Kansas reminded students via social media of the therapy dogs available for comfort every other Wednesday.


The touchy-feely approach won some catty comments from skeptics, calling students “snow-flakes” for their inability to handle the result. But schools said the concerns were real for many students.

“People are frustrated, people are just really sad and shocked,” said Trey Boynton, the director of multi-ethnic student affairs at the University of Michigan. “A lot of people are feeling like there has been a loss. We talked about grief today and about the loss of hope that this election would solidify the progress that was being made.”

The Alt-Left Destroys Families

Dennis Prager notes the radicalism of the Left and their propensity to split families over politics. The “Alt-Left” calls on its lemmings to cut off contact with family that voted for Trump. Telling children to become orphans. Don’t know what the ALT-LEFT is, see:

The reason Leftists do this is politics BECOMES these people’s religion. And so, many myths of this religion are born, encapsulated around cultural Marxism (race-class-gender, the “Liberal Trinity”)

What a travesty the Left is. Here are some examples:

  • That’s not Shannon’s style. In a series of interviews in the days after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, the gruff 42-year-old actor, let his opinion about the election off its leash. “No offense to the seniors out there,” Shannon told Metro newspaper. “But if you’re voting for Trump, it’s time for the urn.” (He was referring to this map, illustrating Clinton’s 504 Electoral College vote advantage among 18-25 year-old voters.) In the same interview, Shannon offered advice to young people whose parents supported Trump: “You’re an orphan now. Don’t go home. Don’t go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Don’t talk to them at all. Silence speaks volumes.” (Michael Shannon on speaking out against Trump: “There’s nothing to lose these days”)
  • Somewhere around 1:30 a.m. the morning after the election — an insurgency of white, rural Americans lacking college degrees having taken its revenge upon itself and the rest of us by granting power to a self-styled strongman with a long record of race-baiting, tax-dodging, creditor-stiffing, self-dealing, model-chasing, lie-disseminating and the hosting of rallies where journalists were confined to pens and subjected to taunts and promises of death printed on T-shirts (please, commenters, do tell us again about the Hillary Clinton e-mails) — I staged the only act of protest left in my immediate control.
    I sent an e-mail to an in-law, telling him that his genial hockey buddy and Trump supporter friend Johnny was no longer welcome on Thanksgiving. I’m not a hater. Johnny’s a good guy. He means well and has done nice things for me. I’ve known him 20 years. But I can’t feed him any more of my potatoes. And I encourage everyone reading these words to defenestrate all the Johnnys in their lives, if they feel so inclined. Or better yet, they could emulate what the comic and patriot Wanda Sykes did last week in Boston, which is to condemn the rise of the strongman, brooking no generosity or period of cooling — and to flip right off anyone who doesn’t want to hear it. We are in new territory, but I have a feeling that people who follow demagogues will dislike getting flipped off by people who once took them into their homes in late fall, handed them a drink and told them about the new bird feeders. (After the election, break up: You voted for Trump? You’re off my list)
  • Democrats have dug in their heels, and in some cases are refusing to sit across the table from relatives who voted for President-elect Donald J. Trump, a man they say stands for things they abhor. Many who voted for Mr. Trump say it is the liberals who are to blame for discord, unfairly tarring them with the odious label of “racist” just because they voted for someone else. (Political Divide Splits Relationships — and Thanksgiving, Too)

This ALT-RIGHT being all the rage and of course the older ALT-LEFT not being known at all reminds me of something:


Chuck Todd, who hosts Meet the Press on NBC, opened his show the way he often does, by introducing his panel of journalists. There was Luke Russert of NBC News, and Amy Walter of the Cook Political Report, and there was “Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post … and Ken Blackwell, conservative columnist and former Ohio Secretary of State.”

Did you catch it? Eugene Robinson isn’t the liberal columnist of the Washington Post. He’s simply Eugene Robinson ofthe Washington Post. But Ken Blackwell is identified as a “conservative columnist.”

This may strike members of the so-called mainstream media as one of those “what’s the big deal?” issues — even though it happens all the time both on TV and in print. But if  they’re feeling generous and concede that maybe it is somehow, some way, some kind of offense, it’s a misdemeanor of the lowest order. Journalistic jaywalking — at worst.

Sorry, but it is a big deal. A very big deal. One that goes straight to the heart of bias in the media.

Liberals, you see, don’t have to be identified. Liberals, as far as liberal journalists like Chuck Todd are concerned, aren’t controversial. They’re middle of the road. Moderate. Mainstream. Not so with conservatives. They need a warning label.

They put warning labels on packs of cigarettes and pesticides because they can be dangerous to your health. And, as far as many liberals – both in and out of the media — are concerned, conservatives need warning labels because their ideas can be dangerous to your health. I mean, if liberal views are middle of the road, moderate and mainstream, conservative views, being the opposite, must be fringe. And fringe ideas, in the liberal worldview, are most likely racist, homophobic and misogynist ideas, which are … well … dangerous!…

Mindless People on Facebook Continue White Nationalist Mantras

This is part of a conversation that was ongoing over the past few days. It started out because a friend posted about how childishly awful these riot were. J.D. rightly noted the same childlike behavior when Obama won — at least partly right. So I simply noted some of the differences. There were not wide-spread violent attacks by pre-and-post Obama like there were for Trump. Another difference is the GOP did not fund through shell activists groups these activities, like the DNC did as well as Hillary’s campaign. I noted that one of the signs he used as an example of this equal behavior was in fact a sign made by the political cult of Lyndon Larouche.larouche

Larouche founded the U.S. Labor Party in 1971, and in his eight-campaigns throughout his career, some being bids for the Presidency, he ran either as a Democrat or with the support of Democrats. In fact, this black woman, Kesha Rogers, pictured to the right was the Democratic nominee (and won) for a Texas district. She is part of the LaRouche “movement” — well, political cult. These signs are from the “LaRouchites,” and have been featured as proof of racism by MSNBC and others at Tea Parties. During Bush’s Presidency however, similar posters were made depicting him as Hitler.

Another difference I pointed out was that the T.E.A. Party was started/founded to oppose Bush’s T.A.R.P. program. Not to oppose the first black President as the media like to portray them. With each successive “bailout” Obama enacted, the T.E.A. Party grew. The reason why can be seen in the acronym of the name: taxed enough already (T.E.A.). But even to say “cut taxes” is racist now. And this labeling comes up in the below conversation and is one of the reasons people voted for Trump. They are tired of the unfounded hyperbole used against them.

The point was pressed, partly by me that his characterization of white-nationalist charges attributed to Trump and his people are unfounded, whereas my studies of Obama’s church of Twenty years is well founded for me to say “Obama went to a NAZI “style” church for twenty years. (You can go here for more of what I used for examples: HOT-TUB CONVERSATIONS).

Of course the very next point by J.G. was the ever vaunted KKK. I knew it would come. Leftists are soo predictable. This is where we pick up the convo which is mainly myself, as, J.G.’s comments were short and merely calling people names — essentially. Take note that I may add media and emphasis that FB does not allow via its platform:

My point is that Obama went to — actually went to — a NAZI style church. He really did. My conversation I have with people (I memorized it long ago because Democrats who talk to me get to hear it once they bring up the racist card) I build up to Barry by creating a similar church but that Bush would have hypothetically gone to.

Barry Soetoro really attended this church.

The claims about Bannon are being dismissed by Jews who have worked close to him for years, by higher up in the 2nd largest political party of Israel, by Muslims hired on by Bannon at Breitbart, by Jewish gays hired by him… even by a Jewish scholar used to prove white-nationalism/anti-anti-Semitism — he refuted the claim. 

So if you bring up White Nationalism, you have zero proof. Zero. But in my video and post on the cult-black-nationalist church based on the books and sermons [and more] I purchased from the church itself, I provide evidence.

LET ME REPEAT THAT in this bumper sticker mantra age… (*BOOMING* megaphone w/echo FX added) — I provide evidence.

I continued after his posting a link to Stormfront, a racist online site used by white power groups…

J.G., I study cults, especially racist cults. (I sport over 5,000 books in my home library on various topics.) I have studied four major racist cults: the KKK, Christian Identity, the Nations of God’s and Earths (Five-Percenters), and the Nation of Islam.

The KKK, and other white-power groups vote primarily Democratic. There are many reasons for this, one being that most of them are socialists of some sort (as was Hitler). Another is many are poor, and the 8,000 members (high number BTW) want the social programs [welfare, food stamp, etc.] they philosophically believe in. Another factor is many have done jail time and Democrats are about shorter sentences typically. And lastly the Democrats tend to be anti-Israel… which is why David Duke uploaded a video to his YouTube endorsing Charles Barron [Democrat] for his run for office.

These are just some of the reasons more that 80% vote Democrat. Even when they refuse to vote for the President (say, Obama), they will vote Dem down the rest of the ticket.

If they vote for a Republican for president, they would still vote Dem the rest of the ticket. Here, for instance you see the Grand Dragon of the KKK (California) making it known who he is voting for and probably who he told his people to vote for (to the right).

This was a wild election season though. Louis Farrakhan always votes Democrat. This year he told his people to vote Trump. Similar to the KKK, these racist cult members would vote Dem the rest of their ticket.

If you want to discuss something, I am open for it. I link to MY YouTube and MY website because that is me or my controlled content that I am familiar with. [<<<< I said that because what people do is merely link to sites that they just googled.]

Here you see some higher ups in this white racist movement telling their people (3-of-the-4) to vote Democrat for the election of 2008 [I originally attributed the year to 2012, I am correcting it here]:

➤ Tom Metzger: Director, White Aryan Resistance; Career Highlights: Was Grand Dragon of Ku Klux Klan in the 70s; won the Democratic primary during his bid for Congress in 1980…

➤ Ron Edwards: Imperial Wizard, Imperial Klans of America; Career Highlights: Sued in 2007 by the Southern Poverty Law Center for inciting the brutal beating of a Latino teenager; building the IKA into one of the nation’s largest Klan groups by allowing non-Christians to join.

➤ Erich Gliebe: Chairman, National Alliance; Career Highlights: Turning white-power record label, Resistance Records, into a million-dollar-a-year business juggernaut; an 8-0 record as a professional boxer under the nickname, “The Aryan Barbarian.”

➤ Rocky Suhayda: Chairman, American Nazi Party; Career highlights: Being widely quoted bemoaning in the fact that so few Aryan-Americans had the cojones of the 9/11 hijackers: “If we were one-tenth as serious, we might start getting somewhere.”

[See my, “Radical Groups Support the Democrats (Even the KKK),” for more info]

…In other words J.G., why are you concerned ONLY NOW about the KKK voting habits? And not concerned with the fact that they typically vote for the Democratic Party? These are questions an honest person would ask themselves… or at least consider revising their positions on once they are presented with information they were unaware of prior.

As an aside. Just to make a distinction between the Nation of Islam (NOI) and the many — very small — factions of the white supremacy groups. Since there are many small groups of white racists, their “leaders” are just heads of their chapter. They do not view them in any messianic way, or take their word as “set in stone.” NOI on the other hand is a cult in the truest sense of the word. They do look to Farrakhan in a messianic sense. And if he says vote Trump, probably 100% of his people will. Whereas the percentages for voting Republican in the white nationalist cults would swing a bit toward voting GOP, but not in a unified block.

Someone asked J.G. the following in regards to J.G.’s previous responses and interaction with me and others:

  • “Are you ok man? I mean seriously … you sound like you might need some help.”

J.G. responded:

  • I’m fine. Excited for the long overdue implosion.

To which I then note the following:

The GOP has a tri-fecta in 25-states, and the more what we see happening — that is — just labeling good, honest, hard working American one of these: sexist, intolerant, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, racist, bigoted (S.I.X.H.I.R.B.), and the continued radicalism in educational, to wit….

When normal mainstream Americans see how the attempt to radicalize their kids is organized, and after a couple semesters at a university the parents are paying for and the child comes back home and grill them about being part of an imperialist white supremacist Christian cisgender capitalist heteropatriarchal, these people are taken-a-back and think hard and long about their vote.

In the warehouse I manage, when Obama-care hit, the four main — full time — employees, the owners (friends), me, and the original worker for the owners had health insurance. The owners made enough money to absorb the increased money. I have insurance through my wife and we were untouched for the most part. But the guy in our warehouse that was the “poorest” among us, within a year, was kicked off his old plan by the law, and his monthly payments more than doubled.

He is a lifer in the GOP… through experience and (patting myself on the back) discussions about the real world with me and my buddy (a business owner) have had with him.

So far from the implosion J.G., I see Trump putting into cabinet positions people that worked against him, people that were for him, and this is unifying much of the Party as it hasn’t been in a long time.

In a long time. AND THIS COMING from a guy (me) who started a website to help defeat Trump ➤

He then continued by merely noting I was an Evangelical (he meant it derogatorily, I am proud of my Evangelical heritage). This is a common position taken by the Left as Wikileaks noted in released emails with the higher ups in the Hillary Campaign), and mentioned a graphic/shirt I own that says straight pride. Yes, if there is such a thing as gay pride, there can be such a thing as straight pride.

You have to understand. As the Left continues to separate people into what is termed as the Liberal Trinity of race, class, and gender [cultural Marxism]… you will have more people like me support ideas pictured above. Later you will get truly segregated movements that will rally around these ideas — splitting society even more. The Democratic left is not about our founding motto, E pluribus unum, “out of many, one.” Instead they want segregated graduations, college dorms, separate classes in higher education, protective status for every perceived minority or sexual preference. On and on. The are for E pluribus pluribus, “from many, many.”

Here are two examples I give to exemplify how this segregating is destroying unity. One is a quote, the other a fascinating eyewitness to the divisions in feminism:

  • “If homosexuality is really genetic, we may soon be able to tell if a fetus is predisposed to homosexuality, in which case many parents might choose to abort it. Will gay rights activists continue to support abortion rights if this occurs?” ~ Dale A. Berryhill, The Liberal Contradiction: How Contemporary Liberalism Violates Its Own Principles and Endangers Its Own Goals (1994), 172.

In other words if abortions are legal to the ninth month because of financial stresses, or the baby is found out to have a cleft pallet, or the mother wished to pursue education, which all fall under the “mental health of the mother” (Doe v. Bolton). Then surely an excuse for claiming mental health of the mother in the case of it “being gay” can be invoked.

This is anathema to our American culture.

I continued to enlighten him:

Yep. I meet with [use to be regular] a few gay men and women and the parents of gay children. We have in common a few things. We all believe the definition of marriage resides with the states… not the Supreme Court, or the Federal Government. Some of those gay men/women in that bunch do not support same-sex marriage as being AS beneficial to society as their heterosexual counterpart’s relationships… I quote quite a few gays in my main post on the subject (Same-Sex Marriage). So they would be against marriage being a thing sought after by themselves and other gays in their community as being equal to the “traditional sense” of male-female marriage. They realize it is inherently different. Keep in mind as well that some of these people were contributors in past times to GAY PATRIOT

We met on Mondays at either the Burbank Outback, or the Hollywood Sizzler. WHY? Because these two companies supported Mitt Romney in his run. WHY Mondays? Because the L.A. City Council put out an official suggestion to Angelenos… they should not eat meat on Mondays to help curb global warming. So we all get steaks.

You see, these men and women, some I call friends, understand the state of the union better that most (yes, even you J.G.). They realize they have a friend and a supporter of them who is truly concerned with their welfare and longevity in health and life. AS WELL AS the longevity and health of the American experiment.

In other words, they realize the complexity of humankind, and themselves get relegated in their own community as not being “authentically gay,” like conservative blacks are called Uncle Toms or Coons or “mot authentically black,” by fellow blacks.

People are sick of it.

They are sick of it <<< Did I say that already?

And people like you will continue to chase people like these to more rational ground. All people.

The Alt-Right ~ Larry Elder Interviews Joel Pollak

Larry Elder interviews Joel about the charges of white nationalism and anti-Semitism stemming almost entirely from left leaning media, radical Marxist orgs (like, and all the people that get their news from them and John Oliver. In a very recent article (besides all the Jews that came out to defend Bannon) a Muslim conservative notes how Bannon flew to the UK to get him to come write for Breitbart: “Raheem Kassam: Steve Bannon Is ‘the Man Who Flew to London to Hire This Brown Guy from a Muslim Family’.” Yep, a white nationalist/anti-Semite for sure.