Democrats Do Not Think About Their Actions and Consequences, What Thomas Sowell Calls “2nd Tier Thinking”

All three network news shows on Tuesday skipped a report that eight of 15 experts consulted by the Obama administration opposed the government’s plan to halt deepwater oil drilling for six months. Only Special Report With Bret Baier covered the story….

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Obama, Bankrupting Businesses Worldwide — Neil Cavuto Interviews Congressional Democrat, Steve Cohen

Rep. Michele Bachmann has some audio on the topic of the trampling of the legislative where it shouldn’t be trampling at all. This is a Constitutional issue, and Obama — a Constitutional “scholar” — is ripping it up! If you follow the link embedded in the graphic to the left, you will hear the honorable Rep. Bachmann’s insightful audio on this very topic, i.e., the Constitutionality of the continued power grab by the muddled mind of the Progressive Left (this link will be circular reasoning for the HotAir crowd). Below is the Neil Cavuto interview:

ECON 101: Minimum Wage

This is with thanks to HotAir:

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity offers another entry in its Econ 101 series, this time about the minimum wage and the destructive consequences of government intervention in the job market. When Democrats insisted on passing the latest series of minimum-wage increases from $5.15 to $7.25, they claimed to have the interests of the poor and young in mind. However, the action destroyed those jobs normally accessible to those populations, even before the current recession began eliminating them. When the minimum wage remained below the floor of the market for entry-level positions, it did no direct harm, but the intervention by Congress in 2005 wound up hurting the low-skilled workers they claimed to champion: