The Exodus From The Golden State

(You can find more on my YouTube about California’s woes) California is the one of the most beautiful states in the union, however, its high taxes, excessive regulations on business, high cost of living, and out of control housing market has forced much of the middle class to move to other states. We show the stats of why people are leaving in droves out of CA and show where they are going through in this documentary of The Golden State.

A followup video to our “Leaving California,” above.

BONUS: The Salton Sea

What happened to the Salton Sea in California? In my first travel documentary about this strange yet fascinating place in California’s Imperial Valley, I explore the sea and surrounding communities of Bombay Beach, Slab City, East Jesus, and Salton City. The area was also the inspiration for the fictional desert town of Sandy Shores which appears in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. In the game, Trevor Philips acquires a small landing strip in the area which may be in reference to the Salton City airport. I encourage you to read more about the lake’s history and the current ecological crisis it has become. You can find an interesting article written by Ian James and Sammy Roth on USA Today here: THE DYING SALTON SEA


“Do It for Denmark” ~ Demographic Reality for the West

(HotAir) Sex sells, so the axiom instructs, and it’s at least true for page views of this travel agency’s latest PR effort. After hitting YouTube yesterday, the mildly-NSFW ad already has almost 400,000 page views, mostly due to the sultry sales pitch for planning a little procreation on Danish holiday travels. Noting the precarious decline of the fertility rate among Danes, Spies Travel will hold a contest for those who become pregnant while on tour through the romantic cities of Europe (via NPR):

Russia did something similar, in that it promoted having babies for the homeland because of its falling population rates.

Gay Population 1.7% or 4-million of America

One News Now has this posted news report about the numbers of gay people in the United States. Gary Gates biography can be found here:

SAN FRANCISCO – A California demographer has released a best guess of how many homosexual adults are in the U.S.

Gary Gates puts the figure at 4 million adults, representing 1.7 percent of the 18-and-over population. That’s much lower than the 3 to 5 percent that has been the conventional wisdom in the last two decades, based on other isolated studies. It’s also a fraction of the figure put out by Alfred Kinsey, who said in the 1940s that 10 percent of the men he surveyed were “predominantly homosexual.”

Gates has advised the Census Bureau. He’s a demographer-in-residence at the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

He derived his results from five studies that asked subjects about their sexual orientations.

 Take note some studies are also mentioned HERE