“False Flag” Conspiracies All the Rage – Syria (Updated)


I wish to start out this post with a bit of a background on myself. As a reinvigorated Christian (recommitted Christian whilst sitting in jail many years ago), my early studies included eschatology. A subject that catches many newer Christians attention as the subject is an exciting, almost adrenaline boosting study — typically like a new Christians faith. So of course I got into the many books, literature, sites that spoke of a New World Order (NWO). One can view the very small sampling of the books I have read and still own in my library here (under the links).

At any rate, in 2000 I had a tri-fecta going on that shook me from the conspiratorial view of history more towards an accidental view of history – which was: listening to Michael Medved’s “Conspiracy Show,” where, on the full moon he would for the entire three hours of his show take calls on nothing else but conspiracies; second, all the people I was “into” warned of the dire consequences of Y2K, which never came to fruition; and third, and mainly because of the previous two, I revisited my past NWO type books and tried to confirm or disprove many of the references to historical event. This venture proved devastating for what was being proffered in these books. The most outrages statements about history were made based on the flimsiest of evidence.

AND THEN 9/11 happened… and all the weirdos came out with all their conspiracy theories. So my debunking many of the propositions laid out by the then popular “Loose Change” video for my son’s friends created an interest in getting to the facts. And so, here we are again… with all the crazy conspiracies coming out about Syria and the chemical attack by Assad.

May I say that I cannot believe I must rev-up this topic again, but so be it.


So the first indicator of the conspiracy theories surrounding the recent chemical attack in Syria that I was made aware of was this video by Ron Paul found over at ZEROHEDGE. In the video Ron Paul (a man who thinks America was behind 9/11 BTW) says there is ZERO CHANCE Assad was behind the chemical attacks. Ron Paul also said something that was echoed across the internet, which was this:

  • “It doesn’t make any sense for Assad under these conditions to all of a sudden use poison gases – I think there’s zero chance he would have done this deliberately…”

He went on to say that Assad could not benefit from this action, and instead saying the “evil” neo-cons are the only one’s who would benefit. (People do not know what the hell they mean when they use the term – BTW) So somehow, they were in cahoots with the military complex and someone on the ground in Syria to make this happen.

POLITIFACT notes this about Alex Jones and his site, InfoWars, and their take on the issue:

Chief among the skeptics was Alex Jones’ InfoWars website, which questioned the validity of the attack in an April 5 post that blamed a group called the White Helmets for arranging the attack for nefarious reasons.

The White Helmets, officially known as Syria Civil Defence, is a group of ostensibly nonpartisan volunteers who aid civilian victims of the civil war. The group has been accused of being pro-rebel, and InfoWars contends they are an al-Qaida affiliate funded by George Soros and the British government.

So Soros is behind it according to “Alex Jones types.” Dumb.

Here is the John Birch Society magazine, THE NEW AMERICAN noting motives… like they are psychologists making informed claims (psychoanalyst) who have sat with Assad for months in private sessions:

Of course, even if Damascus did use chemical weapons on civilians, it would be unlikely to admit that. But a simple analysis of motives — a basic first step in any serious investigation — would suggest that Assad had every reason to avoid the use of chemical weapons at all costs. On the other hand, jihadist rebels on the verge of annihilation had every reason to use them. After years of fighting globalist-backed jihadists and terrorists, the dictatorship in Damascus was reportedly close to victory — at least until Trump intervened by firing dozens of missiles at Syrian targets.  

(For the record, I stopped reading this magazine when they had an article saying CIA operative planted the explosives in the Murrah Federal Building.) In that article The New American notes that the “last time Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad supposedly used chemical weapons, the story quickly collapsed under scrutiny.” Unfortunately, this too is false:

The UN mission was not asked to ascertain who was behind the attack.

However, by examining the debris field and impact area where the rockets struck in Muadhamiya and Ein Tarma, the inspectors found “sufficient evidence” to calculate azimuths, or angular measurements, that allow their trajectories to be determined “with a sufficient degree of accuracy”.

When plotted on a map, the trajectories converge on a site that Human Rights Watch said was a large military base on Mount Qassioun that is home to the Republican Guard 104th Brigade


In other words, Assad has used chemical weapons before on his people. In fact, Ned Price, US National Security Council spokesman, said: “it is now impossible to deny that the Syrian regime has repeatedly used industrial chlorine as a weapon against its own people.” So when people talk about WHAT MOTIVE Assad (and his father before him) had in torturing, criminal subjugation, using banned and not banned chemicals on his own people over the many years… I suspect his motive now was the same then. The United Nations has blamed [prior to this attack] three of the four known chemical attacks during this 6-year conflict on the Syrian government. ISIS was to blame for one.

In one discussion on Facebook, this was said with no evidence to back up the belief:

I concur with Ron Paul on every point. It makes no political sense for Assad to do this. Assad had everything going his way. Al Quaida/ISIS was on the run–a good thing–whereas the Neo-Conservatives–McCain, Graham, Saudis, et al.–and Deep State constituents in the military needed to undo that to stay in the game. It plays right into the hands of the Democrats who have used the Neo-Cons to rid Syria of Assad for years. …

You know the saying, opinions are like butt-tholes, everyone has one. Well, that’s exactly what that is, a stinky, unfounded opinion. Emoting, really. AGAIN, it is like these people are well-trained psychologists who have sat with Assad for years in private one-hour sessions.


I discussed evidences for the attack originating from Al-Shayrat Airfield, using eyewitness testimony, satellite and other surveillance the U.S. is using on that region, operatives, the type of gas used, etc., etc. And then I came across this TWEET:

That Tweet brought me to some Russian news reports that needed translation that showed concrete evidence that Syria had weaponized chemical materials (WMDs) at the exact same airbase that the SU-22s flew their sorties from. I got better pictures than the above Tweet. Here IT is, and click on it to enlarge it:

The top picture is from Russian news agencies of the aftermath of the strike at Al-Shayrat Airfield… take note the chemical weapons barrels meant to store agents to be used in ordinance. The picture below that top one comes from a Russian journal about the Russian military disposing of some of their chemical weapons cache. They are identical.


EVEN AFTER ALL THIS, people are still stuck on Assad’s motives? I followed the most recent question in this regard with this:

He has done it before, from torturing and mutilating his own people to dropping chlorine bombs on them, to chemical attacks past and present. What were benefits and motives in all these other attacks? The same here… he only controls a third of the country and he wants this to be over — quick.

But, motives are not the question really at stake here. If you were a doctorate holding psychologist who has had many private sessions with Assad, you would be in a position to speak to motives.

What we can answer here is that there is concrete evidence that Assad’s military were the source of this (and past… sorry conspiracy theorists) attack.

For instance I would say Hitler’s motives were a mix of strict adherence to Darwinian evolution, occultism, power, etc. But when you are a polish Catholic sent to a concentration camp — motive is not important. If he were to escape and join the resistance, his only question is “who did this to me and others.”

As if madmen have motives worth calculating. Dumb.

Another person said those photos were photoshopped:

So if I understand correctly, you were part of the battlefield damage assessment team that visited the airfield after the attack and took the photos. Really that tells me that there are barrels in the photo, that photo could be one of the Syrian facilities or something from Iraq, wherever, whenever. It tells me nothing. I have two words for you, Tonkin Gulf.

Sigh. The photo’s were from Russian news agencies, as well as there being drone footage AFTER the attack. So I responded thus (I will add some thoughts in brackets):

So if I understand correctly, Russia placed these barrels there after the bombing of the airfield, then, invited Russian news services in to photo the damage [and the evidence for chemical agents] to show evidence that disputes their earlier claim that it was a [terrorist] cache [merely hit by Assad’s air-force]. [Also undermining their response to America’s “aggression,” and bringing the whole world to the side of Trump’s response.] I will use your thinking behind this: what motivation or benefit would this serve Putin?

So Russia is planting evidence to prove Trump correct? Grind me up an Advil so I can snort it.

The U.S. Military also intercepted communications by the Assad regime planning and speaking to the required experts needed in the operation of such an attack:

The US military and intelligence community has intercepted communications featuring Syrian military and chemical experts talking about preparations for the sarin attack in Idlib last week, a senior US official tells CNN.

The intercepts were part of an immediate review of all intelligence in the hours after the attack to confirm responsibility for the use of chemical weapons in an attack in northwestern Syria, which killed at least 89 people. US officials have said that there is “no doubt” that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for the attack.

The US did not know prior to the attack it was going to happen, the official emphasized. The US scoops up such a large volume of communications intercepts in areas like Syria and Iraq, the material often is not processed unless there is a particular event that requires analysts to go back and look for supporting intelligence material.

So far there are no intelligence intercepts that have been found directly confirming that Russian military or intelligence officials communicated about the attack. The official said the likelihood is the Russians are more careful in their communications to avoid being intercepted….


But “no, I will instead,” the typical conspiratorially minded person says, “listen to a guy who thinks the United States of America causes tornadoes in Oklahoma. (*Snort* WOW! That Advil goes right to your head!)


  • Satellite tracking of flights and airfield;
  • drone footage supporting this was the airfield the chemical weapons were found, to wit;
  • chemical weapons found at airbase;
  • Used them three times prior;
  • the type of chemicals used hint at Assad as well;
  • eyewitnesses and intercepted communications (both covert and witnesses hit with the ordinance — no secondary explosions);
  • Russian news services broke story about chemicals on base (not the deep state);
  • Obama officials admit they did not rid Assad of all weapons like these;
  • Assad is known to lie — often — in the past (former U.S. ambassador to Syria: Assad “lies directly to your face”);
  • war has been raging for 6-years, Assad is desperate to keep his power;
  • the chemical cache on the airbase may have been from Iraq’s arsenal and so was not declared.

All this goes a long way to supporting the case that leans to the “most likely” category that Assad’s military was behind it, like the MINIMAL CASE for the Resurrection by Habermas. Since, however, EVERYTHING is explained via these theories… you can never get a concession on a point, like the meta-narrative of the Neo-Darwinian story.


As for the Gulf of Tonkin incident mentioned by the above detractor, here is a quick run down of the evidence that negates the conspiratorial views of this matter (For a more in-depth dealing with this, see the U.S. NAVAL INSTITUTE’S article on it that incorporates hundreds of declassified documents):

Myth: The rationale for US intervention in Viet Nam was based on a fraud.

Fact: The Tonkin Gulf incident was not a fraud. It was the motivating force behind the Tonkin Gulf Resolution.

  • This myth is based on the false belief that US involvement began with the USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy “false” torpedo attacks, known as the Tonkin Gulf incidents.
  • North Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap himself admitted that torpedo patrol boats attacked the USS Maddox.
  • The USS Turner Joy incident is more controversial, but multiple eyewitness accounts of professional sailors, both enlisted and officers, confirm the events of that night.
  • The testimony of sailors involved in the Turner Joy incident confirms the presence of at least one PT boat (visually sighted), one torpedo wake (visually sighted), one searchlight (visually sighted) and one PT boat sunk (visually sighted).
  • The Commander of the Destroyer Task Force, Captain John J. Herrick, testified before Congress that the attack on the Turner Joy occurred.
  • Captain Herrick recommended the Silver Star be awarded to the Turner Joy’s commanding officer, Commander Roger C. Barnhart, Jr. (He was awarded a Bronze Star instead).
  • The first US combat troops were committed to Vietnam in February, 1965, about seven months after the Tonkin Gulf incident.

Confirming Evidence


Again, usually this is how it works… when one conspiracy theory is proffered and then found wanting… another is used as evidence that shows the previous true. However, these conspiracy theories are also found wanting. That same person said this as well:

  • It still doesn’t answer the question, why would Assad use these weapons when he has said he wouldn’t, and he is winning?

(*BUZZER SOUND*) No, Assad only has control of a third of his country. This battle has been raging for 6-years… he wants a quick resolution to this. And chemical weapons may be an answer Assad thinks he needs. Two thirds of his country are controlled by rebels as well as Islamic State radicals. Winning? For a dictator like Assad?

There are soo many layers of bad thinking involved in these theories that sometimes you just have to throw your hands in the air. Like I am doing now.

Comments By Others

This comment comes via Facebook — by John S.

Ambassadors and others who have had dealings with Assad directly have found him to be a boldfaced liar. He is well known to lie to the face of an ambassador without any qualms. He is lying about this.

Do we find it hard to understand why he would use chemical weapons against Syrians? Yes, of course, but Assad has done this before. He is engaged in a war with many radical groups that seek to remove him from power or kill him and his family. He would do anything to stay alive and in power. He is trusting in the cover the Russians are providing for him. He could get away with lying to Obama, but now he learns that Trump is no pushover.

McCain is wrong to demand that we supply the rebels. Most of them are now affiliated with radical terrorists. The pressure to remove Assad also comes from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Qatar. This bombing was not meant to destroy Assad, but to send a message that if he wants to stay in power there are certain rules and using chemical weapons is forbidden.

If Assad was smart he would seek our help in fighting ISIS and connecting the dots between ISIS and Al Qaeda. And he should disavow any desire for aggression against his neighbors. But he is also a puppet of Iran and so is pressured from two sides. Right now he is trusting in his previous support from Iran and Russia. That will be his undoing.

“The Donald” Double-Downs on Crazy!

Here is a great comment from my YouTube via Frodojack:

Sad to see the high number of psychos posting here who actually agree with Trump. Well I have news that tops Rafael Cruz taking part in the JFK assassination. Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, secretly help run the Third Reich for Hitler. Trump’s great-great grandfather helped John Wilkes Booth kill President Lincoln. Trump’s ancestor Pontius Pilate Trump helped crucify Jesus. I know it’s true because I read it in the National Enquirer.

Video Description from my YouTube:

Just when you thought he was headed in the right direction… one interview sinks that thought. I almost wonder if he is in the early stages of Alzheimers? At any rate, he comes across here as (a) petty, (b) cheap, (c) bat-shit-crazy, (d) unhinged, (e) confused… I could go on… but really. You can see Mike Pence take deep breaths when he is thinking – WTF?

Remember. I am FURIOUS at the Democrats for being so bad that I have to vote for this guy. And I am very disappointed that the Republicans nominated such a jackass. It boggles the mind!

The videos worth watching that I used for the video are as follows:

★ Donald Trump on Cruz’s endorsement – ONE;

★ Donald Trump on Cruz’s endorsement – TWO;

★ Ted Cruz facing the Texas delegation after his convention speech.

Something Cruz said in the “townhall” with his delegation. He said… could you imagine our nominee being in this type of format being asked questions?” That got me thinking of when Medea Benjamin (the head of Code Pink) tried to crash a Cruz event. He gave her the mic and went back and forth with her (like a boss!). Likewise, could you imagine the GOP nominee doing the same?

America: The Greatest Country on Earth

I posted this on Paul Watson’s YouTube… he seems to be living in two worlds and responding to them in a disjointed manner. While I can post his stuff and mean it… he has to caveat everything because of the organization he is with:

Great stuff, and even posting on my site… but for many years I was into the NWO [conspiratorial view of history] — you can see a small sampling of my reading on this below… While you are really one of the only guys at Info Wars I will post on my site, Info Wars, Prison Planet, Alex Jones, and others and other organizations like them do not like America either.

They would say the Jacobins and Freemasons from France (the Illuminati) infiltrated the founding of our country. The major wars like WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and the like were fought for conspiratorial means, even noting this is how opportunists during the battles of Napoleon became rich in the stock market which eventually influenced the big families here in the states, thus, influencing much of our politics by this “secret cabal.” That 9/11 was an inside job, pushing stuff like FEMA Camps… the list goes on.

The idea that you can comment well on “American history” and patriotism is a bit confusing to me.

Here is one reply to the dumb libs on Twitter I enjoyed:

A SMALL sample of my library on this topic (remember, my home library boasts over 5,000 books, I have about a hundred-or-so of these books dealing with the conspiratorial view of history).

I changed my view on the matter after my “tri-fecta,” so-to-speak. What happened was (1) Y2K, (2) I started listening to and being challenged by Michael Medved’s “Conspiracy Show,” which lead me to try and (3) follow AND confirm the many references to historical positions made in these books, which failed miserably. These are all scanned onto my computer via my scanner… (mentioned merely for authenticity purposes… conspiracy people need this type of reassurance).

 photo Morals.jpg  photo Dogma.jpg
 photo Tragedy.jpg  photo TheSecret.jpg
 photo TheNew.jpg  photo Proofs.jpg
 photo Shadows.jpg  photo New.jpg
 photo Naked.jpg  photo Lost.jpg
 photo French conspiracy.jpg  photo enroute.jpg
 photo Conspiracy.jpg  photo Black.jpg
 photo Brotherhood.jpg  photo FIRE minds of men book.jpg

Drunk Pilots? (Chem-Trail Debunking)

Drunk Pilots

In a recent exchange, a believer in chemtrails posted the above photo and sarcastically asked if these pilots were drunk. Actually [I thought to myself] they looked like military maneuvers via fighter jets… so I got to looking. I eventually found out where this person got it from, Geoengineering Watch:

(click to enlarge)

Chem Trail Drunkerds

(BTW, just about every photo on that page does not support their premise!)

So I did about 45-minutes of looking and eventually found the source of the photo (thanks to a feature in BING). It is a Chinese media internet channel (see original post here, be sure to have google translate the page if you are still a skeptic). Bingo… military.

Then I found it on METABUNK:

  • “It’s actually from a 2007 photo of contrails left during an exercise of the Chinese air force practicing high altitude dogfights between F-10 and SU-27 fighters”

Yep. Geoengineering Watch caught knowingly lying and misleading people again:

Chinese drunk fighter pilots

METABUNK is supposedly owned by the evil, nefarious government set to control us through ice-crystals.[/sarcasm]

THIS IS THE MAIN POINT (humor aside) to remember when someone is backed in a corner and they say this type of thing… say, “okay, let us assume you are right… how does that information of a government owned entity negate these counter points and seeing the phenomenon happening since the dawn of flight?

In-other-words, if the government, or Sasquatch owned the website (which neither do) , that would not impact at all the point made.

The person who posted the original photo keeps telling me to look up in the sky and see for myself… take note I have pointed out this phenomenon has happened all the time, and that all the below picture ARE someone looking up! To wit, here are a couple other pics I thought were very interesting due to their historical connection to WWII. Here is the info on this first picture (via WIKI):

  • Fighter plane contrails mark the sky over Task Force 58, during the “Great Marianas Turkey Shoot” phase of the battle, 19 June 1944. Photographed from on board USS Birmingham (CL-62). (Battle of the Philippine Sea, June 1944)


Here is the second historical shot described (I found this one at The Atlantic):

  • The condensation trails from German and British fighter planes engaged in an aerial battle appear in the sky over Kent, along the southeastern coast of England, on September 3, 1940

Fighter_plane_contrails_in_the_sky german and brits

This third one is a Life Magazine shot (many more Life Mag pics can be found here at Contrail Science):

  • 1944 – Allied aircraft vapor trails in skies above (prob.) farmhouse in the Ardennes Forest during last days of the Battle of the Bulge, the final major German offensive of WWII.


God I love history!

Crazy Rafael Cruz/CIA Conspiracies Emerge #TrumpConspiracyTheories


I have ALREADY been sent two links to InfoWars about this conspiracy involving Rafael Cruz.

I wish to note here that I was told by the same person that sent me these links that I should use discernment in choosing Trump over Cruz… because Cruz is not a nice guy. And true Christians should always be nice apparently… even in their “office” as Senators (here is a bit of that convo here). Anyhew, I merely responded to these latest linked articles that people like he support Trump… and that is all the “discernment I need.”

Snopes squashed that original report from the whacked site InfoWars when they pointed out that,

…the WMR’s [the second linked article in my bullet points] author doesn’t explain how he could possibly know that the unidentified person standing near Lee Harvey Oswald in these photographs was actually a Cuban (other than by assuming he’s Rafael Cruz), nor does he identify the “source” who informed him that the “individual to Oswald’s left is none other than Rafael Cruz.” (By the standards of “evidence” used in typical WMR items, someone’s saying, “Hey, the dude in that blurry Oswald photo looks kinda like Ted Cruz’s dad” counts as a “source.”)…

NOT TO MENTION that Rafael Cruz did not live in New Orleans until 1965 — two-years after the photo of him and Oswald in “Nwawlins.” PolitiFact adds to this whirlwind of “evidence”

…Two photo experts the tabloid hired — Mitch Goldstone of ScanMyPhotos, a digitizing photo service, and Carole Lieberman, a forensic expert witness — said another man in the image appears to be young Rafael Cruz, according to McClatchy.

We could not independently verify these experts’ validation, as neither Goldstone nor Lieberman got back to us.

When we reached out to Kairos, a Miami-based facial recognition software company, Chief Technology Officer Cole Calistra was skeptical about claims of a positive identification. Calistra told PolitiFact that the photos are too grainy “to perform a proper match one way or the other.”

James Wayman, the former director of U.S. National Biometric Test Center in the Clinton administration, said proper analysis requires two full-frontal facial images.

“Without such images, no professional face examiner will be willing to render an opinion,” he said.

That being said, we had freelance programmer Lucien Gendrot test it out using Kairos’ face recognition API. The software could not verify a match between photos of the unidentified man next to Oswald and young Rafael Cruz, even at a low threshold of a 25 percent match.

In short, as Snopes wrote in an April 2016 analysis of a similar claim, the low-resolution photos are essentially “of dark-haired young men with similar haircuts.” That’s speculation, not evidence.

One commentator at Free Republic humorously finishes his serious point:

  • “This is really the idiot the GOP is going to go with against Hillary? At least he’ll release the files about the moon landing hoax.”

What are some of the facts known? (I cannot believe I have to do this!):

  • In known pictures of Rafael from the time, the era are vastly different between the two men (MetaBunk);
  • Rafael is almost an entire head taller than the man in the picture (Secrets of a Homicide);
  • The two “experts” that identified Rafael for the Inquirer are not returning calls to the press (PolitiFact);
  • Rafael Cruz said he was not in New Orleans until 1965, the photo touted as Rafael were take in 1963 (Heavy).

I am after another piece of evidence that will surely come sooner-or-later… and it is the connection to the CIA:

For one thing, Rafael’s draft card from July 26, 1967 lists his employer as “Geophysics & Computer Service Inc.,” a French-based firm connected to both Schlumberger and Zapata Offshore Company, the former having a since-declassified relationship with the CIA and the latter once run by George H.W. Bush. (InfoWars)

My experience is that if you wait a bit… those more industrious than I uncover embarrassing facts for the conspiracy believers. More to come, surely.

“PROOF” of Chemtrails? Whistle-Blower Debunked (Updated)

Debunked: German Aeronautics Engineer “I Installed Chemtrail Devices” Whistleblower

Someone linked a story to a conspiracy article about chem-trails being proven by an unnamed “aerospace” engineer that was fired from an unnamed business at an “open mic” event. Yes, like an “open-mic session” at some hipster douche coffee joint… but on a sidewalk or park. It is almost like “no-proof” is proof… like atheists say nothing is something.

Here is the post:

chemtrail SPG

(The article mentioned originally is linked in the above pic.)

In an excellent article, the whistle-blower is debunked by MetaBunk:


Here is the MetaBunk text from their post:

  • On May 12th, 2014, at a German Peace Demonstration in Dresden, a person who claimed to be a former aerospace engineer (later identified as “Jens”) gave a brief talk, claiming to have have installed “chemtrail” spray equipment on planes. But his story fell apart after he presented his “evidence”. The plane he claims to have worked on in 2008 was an 2003 icing test plane, retired in 2005.

In this aforementioned article linked on FaceBook, there is this picture PROVING the spraying of chemicals into the air:


You see there! MORE proof this conspiracy is real… er… unless that is… you do just a bit of research.

Just a bit.


In each new jet model, prototype are made for various tests. At MetaBunk, you can find MANY pictures of these preceded with this explanation:

There are several photos that crop up on a daily basis on Facebook chemtrail groups with descriptions like “Chemtrail Plane Interior”. These are almost all photos of pre-production test aircraft which are fitted with ballast barrels, although there are a few that are interiors of firefighting planes. I’ll try to make this post be a comprehensive explanation of all the photos. Let me know if I miss any. And if you see some chemtrail promoters using this photos in error, then please let them know.

Ballast barrels are just big barrels of water that are used to simulate passengers when testing various configurations of weight and balance on the aircraft during test flights. The barrels are sometimes isolated, and sometimes connected with tubes, so water can be pumped around in flight to simulate passenger movements….

One of the reasons I love doing posts like this is that I learn a lot about both the lows of human reasoning can reach as well as all the neat science/engineering stuff your learn. Here is the video:



Here is a photo during a tour of one of these 787-8 Dreamliner test jets (if you right click and open in other tab you will see the full rez of the photo):

Tour Water Ballast Chem Trail 2

How fun. BTW, the comments section of the MetaBunk post on this is very informative as well.


After pointing a couple of these things out to the person posting the original conspiracy article that is easily disproved by a ninth-grader (well, when my boys were freshman at least), I immediately got the cut-n-paste of all the “patents” via the geoengineeringwatch.org’s conspiracy site started coming in. Here is one on the list commented on:

Patent 5003186

Patent Transparent PNG

Here is the commentary:

  • The ‘Welsbach’ patent is well known, old (it’s patent has expired), and more importantly, there’s no evidence that it has ever been fitted, let alone used. But what if it had been used, it’s just a delivery system for a form of SRM. Geoengineering, if it ever happens, will be taking place in the stratosphere, and would not look like contrails, you sure as hell wouldn’t be able to see the aircraft, if they went that way. Balloons or rockets are as likely, as there are few planes that could fly to the required altitude.

Here is a great video debunking the claims made by geoengineeringwatch.org:

Here is another video dealing with some false claims made by Dane Wigington, lead researcher at geoengineeringwatch.org, on the same patent:

Leap of Logic

So the simple question becomes: since when does the existence of a patent mean anyone is doing anything with it? Its a jump in logic that does not prove a thing. Not only that, but even the success rates of patents getting to the end (being made and successfully implemented. is very-very low. For instance, here is one YouTuber making some common sense points MetaBunk makes in their article on the matter as well, “Debunked: Patents. As Evidence of Chemtrails, Geoengineering, Existence, Operability, or Intent

Patent 1338343

The second patent used in the supplied — tired — list (normally the first) is this one: 1338343– August 14, 1990 – Process and Apparatus for the production of intense artificial Fog. Here are comments on it:

Detailed description [here]

Since no explanation was given on the purpose of the first patent on the list, I thought I would try to figure out what it was about. The US patent doesn’t mention the intended use for the invention. My first thought was that maybe it was for special effects in the movie industry. But, I looked at the corresponding UK patent, and it mentions that it’s for military use.


Makes sense. The patent was filed during the middle of WWI. And, titanium tetrachloride, the chemical used in the patent, is included in a list of chemicals used for making military smoke screens

You can see it in action in this joint Korea/U.S. amphibious beach landing to surely ruffle the gulag cult to the north:

Misc. Others

After another very long cut-n-paste by a person in a forum similar to the one I am dealing with, we have this zinger:

… if you can tell us WHY each of those patents is relevant, it would be a help.

For example. patent 3899144 1975 Powder Contrail Generator.

This patent was issued for a device to be affixed to a target used in Aerial Gunnery Target Practice. The target is towed behind an aircraft and the Powder Contrail Generator leaves a trail of white particles behind it so the Gun Crew can see their target. 

It uses 1.5 kilos of powder.

What does this have to do with “chemtrails”?

Also, please note that the issuing of a patent does not mean that the invention patented is actually in use otherwise we would be born by centrifugal force

see http://colitz.com/site/3216423/3216423.htm


You can’t just post up a list of patents and say “These prove chemtrails!” You should explain WHT you think these prove chemtrails

For example, from the list you posted:

“6030506 – February 29, 2000 – Preparation of independently generated the highly reactive chemical species “

What does this patent have to do with alledged spraying????

Keep in mind since I have been following these stories/conspiracies, they have changed… as do all conspiracies that fail to meet the simplest evidential standards. Which is why, for example,  most of the “evidence” in the first Loose Change (a “documentary” about our government or massive insurance fraud being behind 9/11) is shed for new “evidence.” As these “so-so” stories fall apart, many are getting away from the spraying of what is typically thought to be aluminium or barium. Other conspiracy nuts would site Manganese (as the video to the right exemplifies).

A great collection of discussions can be found at Contrail Science. I also have a section on my C-O-N-Debunker Page on this topic. Take note as well that amateur rain collectors report high levels of harmful chemical. However, upon review of their collecting techniques, contamination would be the rule.


While a bit off topic… I love this exposing of lies and misinformation of some geoengineeringwatch article’s:

Too funny!

Is Obama a Clone of Pharaoh Akhenaten – #crazyconspiracies

It has been a while since I have heard a really crazy [new to me] conspiracy on the “Conspiracy Show” via the Michael Medved Show. So I thought I would isolate this conspiracy and even add a bit to it by inserting an excerpt of one of these CRAZY videos. Enjoy, it made my family laugh.

For more clear thinking like this from Michael Medved… I invite you to visit: http://www.michaelmedved.com/

Full FBI Video of LaVoy Finicum Death (Red State Update)

~ Update at the bottom ~

The rumors immediately said LaVoy Finicum’s hands were up and he peaceably was complying to the FBI. He a) ran, b) he hit an officer with his vehicle, and c) was reaching (a couple of times) into his jacket (video will start close to the action) ~ Twitchy h/t:

I HATE that there is a drone involved. But at the same time I LOVE that a drone is involved BECAUSE it puts to rest the crazy conspiracy theories that would be more dangerous than these few nut jobs:

“Unfortunately, when the Attorney General, as the highest law enforcement official in the country, does not vigorously pursue justice in cases where government clearly employed improper force, a cancerous suspicion metastasizes in the body of society with potentially devastating effects. Not least of all, it encourages dangerous extremists like those in the Oklahoma City bombing.” ~ Dean Koontz on Ruby Ridge

Here you see proper government force in my opinion… more is needed… I would hate to find out that the reason LaVoy initially reached for his side was that the FBI fired and hit him.

The other day Medved gave some good commentary about the situation, here it is:

Convo Time

In conversation on Facebook I noted the following in response to the officer “jumping into the path of the vehicle,” and the FBI shooting while LaVoy’s hands were in the air:

The vehicle hitting the officer is clear… clear that if he didn’t run the officer would not be hit to begin with. Second, the officer could have thought the truck was going to hit the truck he was behind and made a last second decision to get away from the back of the vehicle he was hiding behind. He was still struck by a felony evasion driver.

In other words, if that officer jumped in front of the car on accident, it doesn’t matter, the felony evasion would cause the driver to be charged with felony assault.

[LaVoy] could have been shot first. The video does not show this to NOT be the case, which is why I said:

  • I still want to see a body cam… the FBI would still need to show that LaVoy reaching for his hip/side area wasn’t due to them firing first. Ballistics and the final report and any other video will squash fears.

LaVoy said this a few days prior: “I have grown up loving the fresh air. I love the elements. And this is where I’m going to breathe my last breath… I’m not going to spend my last days in a cell. This world is too beautiful to spend it in a cell.”

This IS NOT like the power used in Ruby Ridge or the overwhelming force used at WACO instead or arresting David Koresh in town earlier. And most of the very small group of men there on this Federal land [in Oregon] were from out of state, people not vested in the real fight, and not helping the real fight to limit government in any way or stop the continued land grab in recent bills.

A wonderful post over at Red State, I will excerpt it a bit here:

…Some have said he his lost balance. I don’t know. All I can say is that I find it very hard to criticize the men at the roadblock. And yes, Finicum was armed. He carried a concealed pistol on his left side. And he had several more weapons in the automobile. The weapons on Finicum and in the auto are not, per se, illegal but context is everything. In the context of the general temper of the standoff and of Linicum’s own statements, assuming that he had made the decision to go out shooting is not all that unreasonable.

I generally agree with the description given by the FBI supervisor at the scene:

“Finicum leaves the truck and steps through the snow,” Bretzing said. “Agents and troopers on scene had information that Finicum and others would be armed. On at least two occasions, Finicum reaches his right hand toward a pocket on the left inside portion of his jacket. He did have a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket. At this time, OSP troopers shot Finicum.”

I am generally sympathetic to the struggle of ranchers in the American West and Southwest in their struggle with the federal government. As I’ve said before, if you live in the eastern two-thirds of the United States, your impression of federal land ownership is largely battlefields and forests. Out West, the story is different:

Nothing happens in a vacuum [this was Dean Koontz’s point] and it is no coincidence that the increasingly high stakes standoffs between landowners and federal agents are rooted, in great part, in the overweening arrogance and petty tyranny exhibited by the agencies that “manage” America’s public lands.

In addition to bad policy, the BLM has attracted managers who look upon the federal lands as their personal fiefdoms to do with as they see fit. BLM managers have used the Endangered Species Act as a cudgel to curtail or forbid off road recreational activity and ranching is large areas. In 2004, the BLM aggressively pushed to have law enforcement authority on highways that passed through federally owned land rather than having that function performed by state and county police. This would not only have wildly increased the power of the BLM but it would have created a new revenue stream for them—fines from traffic violations.

General sympathy for ranchers who are being crushed by federal agencies, though, doesn’t translate into support for every knuckle-headed thing some of these people, specifically the Bundy clan, do….


Explanations, To Be True Need Also To Be Falsifiable

Even though I use the neo-Darwinian theory as my prime example, this applies just as readily to the conspiracy theories revolving around the New World Order, and the like. You can visit my “Conspiracy Mantras” page to go to some of my posts on the various topics, there.

“Darwinian explanations for such things are often too supple: Natural selection makes humans self-centered and aggressive—except when it makes them altruistic and peaceable. Or natural selection produces virile men who eagerly spread their seed—except when it prefers men who are faithful protectors and providers. When an explanation is so supple that it can explain any behavior, it is difficult to test it experimentally, much less use it as a catalyst for scientific discovery.”

Skell, P.S., Why do we invoke Darwin? Evolutionary theory contributes little to experimental biology, The Scientist 19(16):10, 2005; quoted by Jonathan Sarfati in Creation 36(4):1 September 2014.

Charles “The Hammer” Krauthammer makes this point in regards to the Climate Change frenzy:

The following is one of the reasons I reject Darwinian evolution (and, frankly, conspiracy theories like WTC-7 being a conspiracy), and any scientist would reject anything for.

“Insofar as a scientific statement speaks about reality, it must be falsifiable: and insofar as it is not falsifiable, it does not speak about reality.”

K.R. Popper, The Logic of Scientific Discovery (London, England: Hutchinson & Co, 1959), 316; found in, Werner Gitt, Did God Use Evolution? Observations from a Scientist of Faith (Portland, OR: Master Books, 2006), 11.

That is to say, if a theory explains everything it explains nothing:

“The underlying problem is that a key Darwinian term is not defined. Darwinism supposedly explains how organisms become more ‘fit,’ or better adapted to their environment. But fitness is not and cannot be defined except in terms of existence. If an animal exists, it is ‘fit’ (otherwise it wouldn’t exist). It is not possible to specify all the useful parts of that animal in order to give an exhaustive causal account of fitness. [I will add here that there is no way to quantify those unknowable animal parts in regards to the many aspects that nature could or would impose on all those parts.] If an organism possesses features that appears on the surface to be an inconvenient – such as the peacock’s tail or the top-heavy antlers of a stag – the existence of stags and peacocks proves that these animals are in fact fit.

So the Darwinian theory is not falsifiable by any observation. It ‘explains’ everything, and therefore nothing. It barely qualifies as a scientific theory for that reason….

The truth is that Darwinism is so shapeless that it can be enlisted is support of any cause whatsoever…. Darwinism has over the years been championed by eugenicists, social Darwinists, racialists, free-market economists, liberals galore, Wilsonian progressives, and National Socialists, to give only a partial list. Karl Marx and Herbert Spencer, Communists and libertarians, and almost anyone in between, have at times found Darwinism to their liking.”

The above is from an article by Tom Bethell in The American Spectator (magazine), July/August 2007, pp. 44-46.

Another Quote

DARWIN CONCEIVED OF EVOLUTION in terms of small variations among organisms, variations which by a process of accretion allow one species to change continuously into another. This suggests a view in which living creatures are spread out smoothly over the great manifold of biological possibilities, like colors merging imperceptibly in a color chart.

Life, however, is absolutely nothing like this. Wherever one looks there is singularity, quirkiness, oddness, defiant individuality, and just plain weirdness. The male redback spider (Latrodectus hasselti), for example, is often consumed during copulation. Such is sexual cannibalism the result, biologists have long assumed, of “predatory females overcoming the defenses of weaker males.” But it now appears that among Latrodectus hasselti, the male is complicit in his own consump­tion. Having achieved intromission, this schnook performs a character­isti somersault, placing his abdomen directly over his partner’s mouth. Such is sexual suicide—awfulness taken to a higher power.

It might seem that sexual suicide confers no advantage on the spider, the male passing from ecstasy to extinction in the course of one and the same act. But spiders willing to pay for love are apparently favored by female spiders (no surprise, there); and female spiders with whom they mate, entomologists claim, are less likely to mate again. The male spider perishes; his preposterous line persists.

This explanation resolves one question only at the cost of inviting another: why such bizarre behavior? In no other Latrodectus species does the male perform that obliging somersault, offering his partner the oblation of his life as well as his love. Are there general principles that specify sexual suicide among this species, but that forbid sexual suicide elsewhere? If so, what are they Once asked, such questions tend to multiply like party guests. If evolutionary theory cannot answer them, what, then, is its use? Why is the Pitcher plant carnivorous, but not the thorn bush, and why does the Pacific salmon require fresh water to spawn, but not the Chilean sea bass? Why has the British thrush learned to hammer snails upon rocks, but not the British blackbird, which often starves to death in the midst of plenty? Why did the firefly discover bioluminescence, but not the wasp or the warrior ant; why do the bees do their dance, but not the spider or the flies; and why are women, but not cats, born without the sleek tails that would make them even more alluring than they already are?

Why? Yes, why? The question, simple, clear, intellectually respect­able, was put to the Nobel laureate George Wald. “Various organisms try various things,” he finally answered, his words functioning as a verbal shrug, “they keep what works and discard the rest.”

But suppose the manifold of life were to be given a good solid yank, so that the Chilean sea bass but not the Pacific salmon required fresh water to spawn, or that ants but not fireflies flickered enticingly at twi­light, or that women but not cats were born with lush tails. What then? An inversion of life’s fundamental facts would, I suspect, present evo­lutionary biologists with few difficulties. Various organisms try various things. This idea is adapted to any contingency whatsoever, an interesting example of a Darwinian mechanism in the development of Darwinian thought itself.

A comparison with geology is instructive. No geological theory makes it possible to specify precisely a particular mountain’s shape; but the underlying process of upthrust and crumbling is well understood, and geologists can specify something like a mountain’s generic shape. This provides geological theory with a firm connection to reality. A mountain arranging itself in the shape of the letter “A” is not a physically possible object; it is excluded by geological theory.

The theory of evolution, by contrast, is incapable of ruling anything out of court. That job must be done by nature. But a theory that can confront any contingency with unflagging success cannot be falsified. Its control of the facts is an illusion.

David Berlinski, The Deniable Darwin & Other Essays (Seattle, WA: Discovery Institute Press, 2009), 45-47. 

So too is the conspiratorial view of history (Bilderbergers, Council of Foreign Relations, Banking Institutions, Rosicrucians, The Knights Templars, on-and-on). It is used as an over-arching meta-narrative by Marxists, libertarians, anarcho-leftists, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, druggies (stoners), to Christian Evangelicals.

Illuminati - New World order

If someone or something disproves an aspect of this theory that person is branded a “shill” ~ or the fact has been “planted” by those in power who wish people to believe this “counter-point.” It explains everything and therefore nothing.

It becomes a metaphysical explanation… religious, so-to-speak. God, or theism, while having evidential aspects, IS ultimately a metaphysical program, and thus, outside of material explanations. So is evolutionary naturalism as well as the New World Order — taking into account the above.


Before getting to two fun videos, I want to give an example of the depth of people not self-reflecting on what they are saying… applying it to themselves to see if their sweeping statements are true or just platitudes. After explaining via another site’s excellent work refuting yet another convoluted “matrix” of conspiratorial shenanigans regarding World Trade Tower Seven (WTC-7),  I got this “challenge”?

  • Shaun your proof that Chemtrails are working!

Besides spelling my name wrong, here is my response (reformatted for ease of reading… but response 100% intact):

Jeffrey M.C., you believe in chem-trails?

As with other issues, like with an atheist saying Christianity is a crutch… not realizing that this argument cuts both ways and that atheism can be a crutch to escape judgement and wanting to live under an umbrella of full autonomy in the universe [being your own god]… this argument cuts both ways.

If chemtrails were a program to control one’s thinking in some way, why would it be proof if someone rejected “conspiracies”? Why couldn’t people who believe in whatever conspiracy theory be evidence for the program?

Like I point out in my “Alex Jones Section,” and elsewhere… conspiracy people think Jones is being controlled by the New World Order to spread misinformation — leading people away from the more important conspiracies.

And that is the point… small phrases like “pull-it” are taken [ripped] from their context, the evidence from the two parties involved in those [actual] conversations are ignored, and a matrix of unfounded and false evidence is then laid on top of this phrase… and then after this is distorted… people move on to the next myopic point to do the same.

MUCH LIKE when skeptics or the cults come in and rip a small portion of the text out of context, ignore the clear testimony of those involved in the verse itself, and lay a false history or hermeneutic over the text… moving on to do the same with another verse. [Like Jehovah’s Witnesses as an example with John 1:1]

In other words…

  • your contention,
  • or the person who says these programs are to obfuscate the “real conspiracies,”

…use the same amount of evidence [hint, inference only] and the competing contentions raised by conspiracy theorists are not provable of disprovable. BECAUSE there will always be another contention [twisted as discussed… inferred] to explain away the refutation.

For instance, I make good arguments against the main propositions used to support the deliberated destruction of WTC-7… and I am tricked by chemtrails. You see, there is no winning

…[and I linked to this post]…

And thus, no information [truth] is passed on.

I further explain for people who cannot pick-up what I am laying down:

In other words…

I could simply respond to Vytas S. when he said,

  • “Sean, I remember watching a CNN video of the countdown to when Building 7 came down,”

by saying:

  • Vytas, your proof that Chemtrails are working!

[“Proof” ~ as used above ~ should be in quotation marks signifying another intent for it.]

Here is M.C.’s response (try not to laugh):

On the same Note Sean how do you know your information is correct…think about it. Most media information is impregnated with NWO progressive Liberal Spinbull. Alex has dedicated his life exposing mainstream media no matter who is in White House. If he is only right 30% of the time we are screwed. I will say he is right about 83% of the time and have watched his truths come to the forefront. ChemTrails are real….and a threat to all of us. Weather Manipulation IS FOR REAL!. The Fight between Republicans and Democraps is a manipulated NWO Farce to keep us occupied and seperated….WAKE UP AMERICA!

There is no way to argue reasonably with such a person… so I tap out.

Movie Time


JFK’s “Secret Societies” Speech

See more here in a forum discussion.

Video Description:

(Cue Evil Laughter) The original video can be found hereBut the video file at LiveLeak is bad.

Here is his description from LiveLeak:

There is a popular video that pops up every now and then that has John F. Kennedy making allusions to a secret society and other kinds of woo woo.

That speech has nothing to do with the NWO people. He means communism and he was addressing the American Newspaper Publishers Association and their responsibility to consider national security when publishing articles about government activity during the cold war.

Here is a link to the full transcript, where you can also listen to the fill 19 minute recording.

Hands-Down One of the Kookiest Calls Into Conspiracy Day

This is one of the funniest conspiracies I have heard in a long time on Michael Medved’s “Conspiracy Day” (every full moon). This woman thinks she is Obama’s real mother! Funny… Michael did a bang-up-job in keeping a straight face.
For more clear thinking like this from Michael Medved… I invite you to visit: http://www.michaelmedved.com/

Dr. Thies Notes Some of the Differences Between Dems and Repubs

A great, short, article can be found over at Libertarian Republican systematizing some of the differences between Democrats and Republicans:


A 2006 Scripps-Howard poll found that 51% of Democrats believed it was “likely” or “very likely” that the federal government either assisted in the attacks of 9-11 or knew that the attacks were coming and did nothing in order to go to war in the Middle East. And, a 2011 PPP poll found that 51% of Republicans believed Barack Obama was not born in the United States.

I am going to interrupt this part of Dr. Thies’ article merely to add to the information given above, and this comes from my “Comparing Two Conspiracy Theories: Birtherism vs. 9/11 Conspiracies” as well as updated information. One should read this post of mine because the “evil” factor in these conspiracies are VASTLY different. In other words,

…Republicans at least say Obama was lying about his place of birth in order to get special preference in educational and publishing opportunities; at most saying that Obama later found out about other peoples lies in getting him over to America as a child and tried to cover it up for his Presidential run.

On the other-side of the coin, you have Democrats saying that [at least] Bush knew about the pending attack and allowed it to happen in order to financially profit from a war[s]. At most they say he was actually involved in the taking down of the Trade Towers in order to go to war. BOTH options Bush is culpable for the murder of innocent and military lives.

First the historical polling:

What is the percentage of Republicans that believed (at it’s height of belief) Obama was not born in America?

  • 31% of Republican think/thought that Obama was not born in the states…

How many Democrats?

  • 15% of Democrats believe the same… [well as 18% of Independents]

However, a third who believe him to be born out of the country approve of him…

(2010 ~ ABC-News and my RPT post)

That last sentence is also key, “…a third who believe him to be born out of the country approve of him.” And here is a poll concurrent with Clifford’s:

12 percent of Democrats think the president was born elsewhere, as do 21 percent of independents. That percentage climbs to 37 percent among Republicans. Among those who consider themselves part of the Tea Party movement, 41 percent think the president was born outside the U.S.

Most American voters — 67 percent — believe Obama was born in the United States. That includes almost all Democrats (84 percent) and most independents (69 percent). Less than half of Republicans (47 percent) and Tea Partiers (44 percent) think so.


Can I mention as well that it was a Democrat who originated this conspiracy, Philip Berg, NOT to mention that many years prior to Berg… Obama’s own publisher had him listed as “born in Kenya” from 1995-to-2007.



A 2013 Harris poll found that more Republicans than Democrats believed in God, miracles, heaven, hell, Jesus, angels and life after death; and, that more Democrats than Republicans believed in Darwin, ghosts, UFOs, astrology and reincarnation.


A recent YouGov poll found that 43% of Democrats had a favorable view of socialism, while only 9% of Republicans did; and, that 79% of Republicans had a favorable view of free-market capitalism, and, that only 43% of Democrats did.

…read it all…

Another stark difference is noted by HotAir, and frankly, I am disappointed in the Republican number of support being so high: