Obama Sticker Removal – $10

A funny report from Freedom Dogs, the picture says it all:

Got this e-mail an hour ago from a friend I trust. This is not one of those bulk chain mails that pops up in 24 point in 4 colors of type.

My brother just now emailed this picture he took while traveling just past Siren, Wisconsin.

Am I the last person to have noticed that it’s not so easy to spot Obama bumperstickers anymore?

Yesterday, I looked at most every car I passed, both parked and moving. I couldn’t find any! They are still out there, but they seem to be a bit harder to find now. I noticed a few cars that had apparent scratchings on the bumper where a sticker once was. I’m sure they were probably Bush-Cheney ’04 stickers. Oh wait…we never saw any more than one or two of those in Uptown to begin with.

I saw one car that had a peace sign on the back. It was a big 6-inch diameter chicken foot emblem. Time was, if you saw a peace sign, there was always an Obama sticker next to it. Not this time.

If you want to remove an Obama sticker, just add oil. It rubs right out.