David Duke Did Not Endorse Trump (Biased Media)

Black & Right has this interesting post:

Do you want to know who’s behind these surreptitious attacks on Donald J. Trump and his supporters? The fat and nervous, elite DC donor-class multi-millionaire/billionaire class, from both sides of the aisle. The hit-men are those in the media industry; print, radio and television.

In our opinion. CNN had it’s orders to use David Duke to accuse Donald Trump of being a racist to label, embarrass and compartmentalize Trump’s supporters as ‘racists’. If effective, this would discourage more people from becoming Trump supporters and quite possibly his support would decrease.

Ex-racist David Duke didn’t endorse Donald J. Trump, he hasn’t been a democrat or a leader in the KKK for over 40 years. You would have never known he was a racist if he would have remained a KKK democrat and an elected politician. a school or highway named after him…. (Robert Byrd)