State Media for Sure, Treated Bush Much Differently

Spying, controlling the media, phone records of media and citezins, war cover-ups… this is all the stuff the left complained about during Bush. But are mum on Obama.

Via Breitbart:

Well, if it is Thursday there must be a new Obama scandal. But one thing is for damn sure, whatever that scandal is, you can bet the American mainstream media will be playing catch up and not carrying the glory of breaking a story about a major White House scandal.

Fact: Over the past few weeks, four major scandals have broken over the Obama administration, and it is a very sad (and frightening) truth that our pathetic, American, lapdog mainstream media is not responsible for breaking even a single one.

  • Verizon? Nope, not our guys. That was the Brits over at The Guardian.  
  • IRS? Nope, not our guys. The IRS broke their own scandal with a planted question.
  • The Justice Department’s seizure of Associated Press phone records? Nope, not our guys. Believe it or not, the Associated Press didn’t even break that story. Like the IRS, we only found out because the Justice Department outted itself in a letter notifying the AP of what it had done.
  • Benghazi? Are you kidding. With a couple of rare exceptions (Jake Tapper, Sharyl Attkisson) the media has spent the last 8 months attacking those seeking the truth (Congress, Fox News) not seeking the truth. It was the GOP congress that demanded the email exchanges around the shaping of the talking points, not the media.

Left up to the media, we wouldn’t know anything about Libya. All of the media’s energy was collectively poured into ensuring the truth was never discovered.

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Let’s not forget Gosnell:

AP Scandal 101 ~ An Explanation

Video Description:

Michael Medved uses video audio from Gary Pruitt, CEO of the Associated Press, on Face the Nation (CBS) to help explain the “there, there” behind the AP scandal that Dan Pfeiffer seemed to blame a Republican fishing expedition over. Medved also plays commentary by George Will and Ron Fournier from This Week (ABC).

`Undocumented Democrat` ~ Jay Leno (Orwellian)

In an almost Orwellian way, the Left is changing language again, and the media is spearheading this dangerous endeavor. The Associated Press just the latest, along with several news organizations, including the Miami Herald, Huffington Post and San Antonio News-Express have changed their policies in recent years to drop the term “illegal immigrant” in favor of “undocumented immigrant.” The New York Times will soon follow suit. (See more)