Karl Rove on the Importance of a Stable Afghanistan & Obama’s Failure in this Regard

From the video description:

Hugh Hewitt interviews Karl Rove about the situation in Afghanistan. Dr. Rove gives his unfailing commentary that once again draws our attention to WHY a stable Afghanistan is important. He also makes the distinction between President Bush’s communication skills verses Obama’s. (Posted by http://religiopoliticaltalk.com/)

For more clear thinking like this from Hugh Hewitt… I invite you to visit: http://www.hughniverse.com/

Women in Afghanistan ~ Still Subject To Islamo-Fascist Rule (thanks to the PC crowd)

What do I mean by “the PC crowd.” I mean that many on the Democratic left view Islamic values as equal to Western ones, or Judeo-Christian ones. So when Ann Coulter says, “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity,” you have the Left in this country up-in-arms. But as you will see in the second video… this is historically how you install justice into a closed society.

In other words, the same people who produce such heart-wrenching clips of women being thrown into jail for rape are not willing enough to unshackle the military’s hands and allow them to do what they did in changing the exact same thing in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and feudalistic Japan. They cannot get one without the other.