Experiment Disproves Mantras about Kids and Guns

Via The Blaze!

…After the kids were let into the room, it took just 15 seconds for one of them to find the gun. Before long the gun — which was not loaded — was being passed around and pointed at other children. 

The moms were visibly shaken.

Lieutenant Aaron McClelland said it was typical behavior “for young kids. Curiosity. Everything is a toy in their world. Unless we educate them and let them know sometimes it’s not.”

At the very end of the dramatic video 7-minute — after the image of kids holding the gun and the mom’s emotional reactions — the reporter shared a compelling caveat regarding the two children in the room who didn’t pick up the gun.

Watch the video to hear more about the kids who didn’t play with the gun!


The 2nd Amendment vs. a Career Criminal (Updated File)

“He couldn’t have picked a worse neighborhood or a worse house.” When career criminal Kevin Wayne Chapman targeted the residence of West Taylor for a home invasion, he chose the wrong house. Ginny’s report includes an exclusive interview with would-be victim West Taylor.

The following is a re-posting of a heartbreaking story, unlike the one above, where a gun could have saved many lives:

Muslim Gang Members Threaten French Man… Surprise!

Wintery Knight has an excellent post on how guns cut crime… ending the post with the above video and the his concluding thoughts:

Again, no shots were fired. Nobody was hurt. That’s why people own guns – to avoid violence, not to cause violence.

Learn about the issue

To find the about guns and self-defense, look in the academic literature. Here are two books I really like for that.

Both of those books make the case that permitting law-abiding citizens to own firearms for self-defense reduces the rate of violent crime.

Meanwhile, in Germany, women are dragged into subways to be raped by “migrants” [e.g., Muslims] (h/t, Creeping Sharia).

I bet these German’s wish they had a 2nd Amendment:

Dana Loesch Calls Out the Anti-God/Anti-Constitutional Left

Dana Loesch exposes the global alliance of elitists, media activists, Hollywood celebrities, campus radicals and political power mongers who have openly attacked sacred American values and the people who cherish them with ruthlessness, contempt and downright hatred. She calls out these Godless Left saboteurs for sharing the same fanatical fervor to tear apart the foundations of America as the terrorists who threaten our very survival.

A Constitutionally Savvy Deputy Visits an Open Carry Protest

Via The Blaze

This is a good officer… compare this to a bad officer, one used to promote racism… but is anything but:

The author of this wants you to believe what you are witnessing is racism, but as we see, there is a stark difference, via Bearing Arms:

The white open carrier shown first is merely talked to by the responding officer who does not seem overly concerned as the officer stops to check on them and see what is going on.

The black open carrier, carrying a slung AR-15 by his side and with his hands occupied by what appears to be a smart phone, is immediately ordered to the ground at gunpoint, and the deputy holds him in his sights until backup arrives and seaches, but does not cuff the open carrier. It’s worth noting, perhaps, that the responding officers do not feel compelled to point their weapon at the the open carrier at any time.

“Willy Upchuck” is the pseudonym of person who posted the video, and taglines his channel “Cops vs. People,” giving us an idea of his views on law enforcement.

  • “Willy” clearly wants to assert that we’re witnessing racism… but the video doesn’t support that assertion at all.

While the rifles were both AR-15s slung in a similar manner (both down at the hip, where it could be brought into action), “Willy” wants us to overlooking the indisputable fact that we’re dealing with different responding officers, in different locations, with different law enforcement agencies, which may have different protocols and familiarity in handling “man with a gun” calls, at different times, in different circumstances.

The white open carrier, “MarkedGaurdian,” has been trolling his local law enforcement agencies in Oregon for years. His video clip is pulled from an August 2012 stop by an Albany, Oregon officer, who was likely well aware of what long gun open carry advocates had been doing in the area, and who may have even recognized “MarkedGaurdian” on sight.

The black open carrier—whom I totally agree was treated poorly by the responding officer—was in a different (unknown) time and place, dealing with a completely different police force, who may not deal with long gun open carry much, if at all. It could be that this responding agency would treat white open carriers just as poorly. In this second incident we could be dealing with one very bad deputy, who violated his own department’s protocols (and frankly, as he pointed a firearm at a man who wasn’t clearly wasn’t being a threat, he probably did). We don’t know if the deputy was disciplined or even terminated.

“Willy Upchuck” doesn’t apparently want us to know enough about either incident to determine for ourselves what we’re really witnessing, and that says a bit more about him than I think he wants us to know.

Are we witnessing a good cop dealing with the white open carrier, and what appears to be a poorly-trained and over-excited deputy dealing the black open carrier? I think so.

But we simply don’t have like situations here, with different times, places, agencies, etc.

We don’t have and clear evidence of racism, as much as he’d like to assert that this is what we’re seeing.

Update: the second open carrier has been identified as Gabriel Nobles. Here’s his entire video in two parts, Part I and Part II.