Saudi Flag Above American at Colorado Public School?

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A Saudi flag has been placed above the American flag for some time in a Colorado Public School. Here is the photo, is it just some students “f’in” around or is it the teacher?

(Photo linked to Creeping Sharia’s story on it)

Per Greeley:

A Greeley Report reader recently snapped a photo during the opening days of school at Bauder Elementary in Ft. Collins, Colorado.  The lobby of the school is shown displaying two flags, side-by-side.  The U.S. flag was drooping, and another flag was elevated above it.  What is that flag?  According to the reader, it was the flag…of Saudi Arabia!  This is an outrage!  Their flag is placed above the U.S.  (See the photo below for proof.)  It shouldn’t even be on equal footing, on sovereign American soil.  But this shows how the indoctrination process continues without your consent or knowledge.

Ft. Collins has a growing muslim population.  They want to build one of the largest mosques in the West in this region, and undoubtedly have the support of the Saudi government in their endeavors (either covertly or overtly).  So they have to tell us that radical extremists are “nice people.”  They need to “educate us as to their nice culture.”  It’s bad enough that some of the idiot churches in the area are buying into the garbage.  Now some of the schools are, too.

Call Poudre Schools and complain.  Spread the word.  The 9.11 mosque in New York is only one of their advancing fronts.  Your neighborhood school is next.  Creeping sharia intends to control your life and the lives of your children.  Will we be a Judeo-Christian nation or will we be islamic?  You decide.


Greeley Report broke the story last week that Bauder Elementary in Ft. Collins was flying the Saudi Arabian flag with the U.S. flag in a subservient position.  Poudre Schools states this has been fixed, but refuses to provide photo verification.  Furthermore, they refuse to answer questions about how the flag got into this position despite their allegations in the Greeley Gazette article with Jack Minor (link here) that the flag was placed in this position before the school was opened to the public.  Which administrator or staff member made the U.S. flag bow?

One comment to a previous story alluded to the fact that the Saudi Flag ascribes the highest honor to Allah, the Islamic God.  This is both a national and a religious issue.  Also not shown in the photo is the sword on the Saudi flag.  How are these issues being handled?  How are the children in this multicultural school being taught about the national sovereignty of the United States and the daily pledge of allegiance to it’s flag?

Other organizations are now getting wind of the photo and the lack of answers provided by Poudre Schools.  Is the flag still there?  We don’t know, because they will not provide the evidence or the answers.