NBC Finally Catching On ~ Obama-Care Killing Jobs

Via Michelle Malkin:

WH in Denial ~ Still

(Via GayPatriot) The White House still dismisses the evidence as “anecdotal”, as NBC points out – and despite the growing data on the matter.

NBC delicately uses “unintended consequences” to describe the Obamacare job/hour losses, despite the fact that such losses were foreseen by many.

Via Zero Hedge.

Last month, Jay Carney said that the suggestion that Obamacare is reducing full-time hiring is “belied by the facts,” not unlike Jay Carney usually is.

There have been numerous reports of slashed worker hours due to looming Obama-care regs, and it must be pretty bad because even the networks are starting to catch on. NBC News contacted numerous businesses and others and found that hours are being cut because of Obamacare (video via Weasel Zippers).

That story should come as a surprise only to those who get all their information from network newscasts.

The White House has to stick to their story because they have no other choice:

But the White House, NBC News reports, says that there is no systematic evidence that this is because of Obamacare and dismisses the report as anecdotal.

Maybe President Obama can straighten out the CEO of NBC’s parent company, because they’re playing golf today.

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