My Question for Gary Johnson – The Michael Medved Show

Michael Medved had Gary Johnson on his radio program to interview him and I was able to get in with a question during his 15-minutes of airtime. Medved telegraphed “quickly” so I knew he were up against a break, so I shortened my question and it gave Medved time enough to finish out the interview with the Barronelle Stutzman example.

I still think Gay Patriot’s position on Gary Johnson is correct, he is a “cake fascist.” But GP continues to point out that “so are Hillary, Bernie, and Trump… so it really doesn’t matter” weighs in on my choice that is so far leaning towards the Libertarian Party candidate. I have posted a date the CFA will endorse a candidate.

I hope Gary will look into this matter more over time, but I know as of now that he understands better than Trump of Hillary what the Executive branch can-and-cannot do Constitutionally, his non-sequitur in regards to the Civil War and baking cakes aside.

For more clear thinking like this from Michael Medved… I invite you to visit:

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