“My” Body, Not Governments

I came across this on a friend’s Facebook, and wanted a simple anatomy lesson as a response:

(I colorized the above a bit) Here is my response (click pics for links):


  • Different genetic code.
  • Different blood type.
  • Different gender.
  • Different race.
  • Fetus can die and mother live; mother can die and “fetus” live.
  • Fetus can feel pain when mother does not, vice versa.

Humans do not have:

  • 2-heads
  • 4 arms and legs
  • 2-beating hearts
  • Multiple blood types
  • 2-brains/waves

Take note as well that if THAT BODY even “j-walks,” the government can ticket that body (woman) for not following government rules. There are all sorts of legal restrictions on SAID BODY.

ETC — even atheists and non-Republicans get it:

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