Michigan Votes for Change

Libertarian Republican has a story on my birth state and their choice to change direction:

The conservative blog Western Right has an excellent round-up of Michigan election results. They report on a little-noticed shift that is sure to have enormous consequences for the future of Michigan politics. The State Supreme Court now has a Republican majority 4 to 3. The infamous liberal-controlled Court for decades has shot down conservative/libertarian-backed measures such as tax cut initiatives, union-busting measures and most famously, the initiative to repeal Affirmative Action hiring and college admissions quotas.

Republicans in Michigan won a victory of epic proportions in the November election. They won everything. Well, almost every race that they seriously contested.

Bill Scheutte won the Attorney General race 52.6% to 43.5% over David Leyton.

Ruth Johnson won the Secretary of State race 50.7% to 45.2% over Jocelyn Benson.

Republicans have reclaimed a 4-3 majority on the court. This sets Young up to become the Chief Justice next year. This will also protect the rule of law against liberal activists and the market against greedy trial lawyers. It should also protect a Republican redistricting plan.

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