Media Silence On Bob Menendez

Here is a great example of how the media’s bias is expressed through what they do not say. For instance, I doubt many know a sitting U.S. Senator was getting Visa’s for call girls (which is illegal) as well as using tax-payer funds to fly to another country for sex.

  • Prostitution is both legal and widespread in the Dominican Republic, where as many as 100,000 women are part of the industry in a nation that has become a major sex-tourism hotspot of the Caribbean. (AMERICAN SPECTATOR)

And in a recent New York Times 1,200-word story on the upcoming trial of Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez, they neglected to mention Sen. Menendez’s party affiliation. I find it unbelievable that if a Republican was in the same spot, that his party affiliation would go without mention. In fact, I bet people know more about Paul Manafort (at least name recognition) than Bob Menendez. (Even though the court is stacked against Trump)

“ABC and NBC on Wednesday continued their silence on the bribery trial of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, CBS This Morning allowed a scant 22 seconds” (NEWS BUSTERS). HOWEVER, that silence aside… now NBC is calling Bob Menendez a Republican!

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While the bias is expressed in what is not said… here is an example of a bias creeping via the writer who probably thought only Republicans would do such a thing.

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