Libertarian Party Chair Candidate Strips Naked Live on TV

(Washington Times) Something you’ll never see at a Democrat or Republican convention: A candidate for Libertarian Party chair on Sunday danced and stripped down to his thong before leaving the stage amid a chorus of boos.

James Weeks announced immediately after his striptease, which was performed to music, that he would drop out of the race, adding, “I’m sorry, that was a dare.”…


Mr. Weeks was apparently a late entry to the race for chair and his name was not listed on the party’s initial materials.

Here are some of the better comments on the YouTube Channel where the video is found as well as a few from LiveLeak:

  • This debate probably single-handedly destroyed all support of libertarianism among the “alt-right” by exposing their supporters as the autistic degenerate subhumans that they are.
  • This is why mandatory military service should be instituted for all males ages 16-20 years old.
  • The Founding Fathers… who were real Libertarians… are rolling in their graves.
  • This is why libertarians can’t have nice things, if it’s not autistic guys like this it’s your incoherent policies and not so secret crush on Bernie Sanders.
  • He could have just urged his supporters to vote Trump without taking his clothes off.
  • Bath salts my ass……this guy would be better served with talcum powder and anti-chaffing cream.
  • I belong to this party…. There is a reason we always lose.
  • Not a good sell for the Libertarian Party. Ouch
  • As long as the Libertarian Party keeps up this sort of shit, it will never present a viable candidate.
  • They would have thrown him out, but they did not want to touch him.
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